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  1. Hello all, Today I have received formal demand for payment of the outstanding balance from Dlc on behalf of MEIII ltd. letter states if payment not received by 4th December dlc shall bring proceedings against me on behalf of MEIII ltd for the outstanding balance claimed and if this results in our obtaining payment before the sum would have become due under agreement they shall allow any appropriate rebate of charges once they have received payment in full. Rebate: £0.00 Any thoughts on this please? Best regards, Monica
  2. Andy, Letter is quite short stating as we have not contacted them to reach agreement as to how this debt will be paid off they are passing it over to their legal department for review.
  3. Andyorch, Received letter from Hilsden today advising they are passing my account for legal review? It indicates they will connence legal procedings and issue claim against us? Regards, Monica
  4. Yes thats right- BH has never registred default. Also, last statement of account received in July this year showed £4976.92 as amount we owe. Yet DN they have issued is for £4299? As if they have deducted some money of our debt? It is all very confusing. I am thinking of making full and final offer in this debt, otherwise its going to haunt me for the rest of my life.
  5. Thanks everyone- if however they place default on my cra it will very difficult to get it removed, therefore I wanted to send them letter of complaint for issuing DN in the first place.
  6. The problem is BH has never put default on my credit file- it is stil being marked as late payment. If Hilsden put default in cra now it will ruin it. Thanks
  7. Would anyone be willing to draft me a letter to Hilsden saying their actions are unlawfull please? If want to avoid Hilsden placing default on my CRA file. Thank you
  8. I am not sure if it has been returned to BH by Ascent it must have been thou. Ascent was acting on behalf of BH. After its been sold Hilsden appeared on my Cra file. They leaving late payment markers every month. DN we received states that MEIII are owner of agreement and Hilsden are acting on their behalf.
  9. Andy, Default Notice served under s87 for the arrears of £216.72 served on 11/10/2012 Default Notice served under s87 for arrears of £997.92 served on 6/03/2013 On 13/04/13 BH have assigned debt to Ascent legal. On 8/07/2014 BH has sold account to Hilsden Securities.
  10. Andy, As you may know from my preavious posts, this was originally Black Horse loan, sold to Hilsden some time ago. Default was never registered by BH prior selling to Hillesden. I want avoid ruining my CRA file. What shall I do? Write to Hilsden to say they cant issue DN?
  11. Hello everyone, Since my last post in March 2016, nothing much have happend regarding DN issued by Hilsden. Until yesterday when we received another DN this time for the whole amount of arrears to be paid whithin by 9th November. DN has been issued by Hilsden Securities on behalf of MEIII. What should I do? I dont want them to start court procedings or register default with CRA. Please advise.
  12. Thanks Dx100uk. Its on SAR documents Halifax have sent when I have reclaimed PPI. Cabot is phoning me constantly, I thought if I sent either prove it letter or letter advising them account is in dispute they will stop.
  13. Hello, Halifax has sold my credit account to Cabot. I have been in dispute with Halifax since 2014 as they have failed to comply with CCA request in fact they have admitted they dont have credit agreement. Shall I send prove it letter to Cabot or letter stating this account is in dispute with Halifax? Regards
  14. Thank you so much for that. It is correct after all- the DN they issued:(. Best regards, Monica
  15. Hello, Would anyone be willing to look at attached print out of transaction please. Any help greatly appreaciated Regards, Monica
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