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  1. Good afternoon, Today I have received response to Poc I have filled asadvised and sent off to Mortimer Clarke with CCA request sent to Cabot. They have provided: reconstituted credid card agreement orginal terms and conditions statements from halifax from 2/03/09 to 30/01/2014 notice of assignment signed statement of account on behalf of claimant. On the statement of account there is: 1/06/2018- £1 postal order 4/06/2018-£-1 postal order reversal 24/10/2019-£rsp partial recourse £45.82 which Halifax has sent to them for wrongly calculated intrest on Ppi payment. Can I add I have located old Sar documents I have received from Halifax where it says they were unable to find Cca agrement or default notice. When speaking with Halifax in February they said account has defaulted on 1/03/2015. Shall I send Stattue bared letter to Mortimer Clarke? Thank you for advise.
  2. Thank you very much for advise. I have until 1/03/21 to fill in Poc letter. Shall I sent statue barred letter to both- Mortimer Clarke and Cabot?
  3. Good morning, Spoken to Halifax- default date is 2/03/2015. However I have received letter from Mortimer Clarke stating the preaction protocol letter had been sent out as mistake and to ignore it as they are referring account back to Cabot. I am so confused Thank you,
  4. Good morning, I have found old correspondence from Halifax and the last payment on account had been made on 27/01/2014. No default notice, but I have letter confirming Halifax was unable to locate Credit agreement for the above account. Shall I inform Mortimer Clarke and Cabot about it? Thank you
  5. Thank you- I have 30 days from the date on the letter to respond. I will update here if I find out the date of default. Thank you very much for advise.
  6. Andy, I am sure I did have it as I have sent Sar request in the past to Halifax but all documents got thrown away during our move in August 2020. I will give Halifax a call today and try to find out the date of default. Can I just clarify that its Cabot who are in default of section 78 request from 2018. Halifax have never supplied Cca either back in 2015. Will that matter?
  7. Andy, I don’t have it unfortunately. I will request it together with other documents mentioned in pre action protocol questionnaire. As I have mentioned before I have requested Cca in 2018 but they have never complied with my request.
  8. Andy, 20/03/2015 its the date it has been applied to my credit file
  9. Good morning, I have received pre action protocol letter with questionnaire to fill in. Debt is nearly statue barred as of 15/03/2021. I did in the past asked for cca which Cabot have never provided. Do I send cca request again? Any advise greatly appreciated. Thank you
  10. Dx, Indeed I have moved house in August this year- Mortimer Clarke have sent letter to old address but I have mail redirection in place. Shall I email them and ask to update their records? Thank you
  11. Good morning, I have recently received letter from Mortimer Clarke chasing Cabot debt for an old Halifax Credit Card. The debt is going to be statue barred in March 2021- defaulted on 20/03/2015. Letter has come out of the blue as no contact from Cabot over the last few years. Mortimer Clarke are threatening legal action and saying if no contact made they are instructed to start court proceedings. Any advise please?
  12. Hello all, Today I have received formal demand for payment of the outstanding balance from Dlc on behalf of MEIII ltd. letter states if payment not received by 4th December dlc shall bring proceedings against me on behalf of MEIII ltd for the outstanding balance claimed and if this results in our obtaining payment before the sum would have become due under agreement they shall allow any appropriate rebate of charges once they have received payment in full. Rebate: £0.00 Any thoughts on this please? Best regards, Monica
  13. Andy, Letter is quite short stating as we have not contacted them to reach agreement as to how this debt will be paid off they are passing it over to their legal department for review.
  14. Andyorch, Received letter from Hilsden today advising they are passing my account for legal review? It indicates they will connence legal procedings and issue claim against us? Regards, Monica
  15. Yes thats right- BH has never registred default. Also, last statement of account received in July this year showed £4976.92 as amount we owe. Yet DN they have issued is for £4299? As if they have deducted some money of our debt? It is all very confusing. I am thinking of making full and final offer in this debt, otherwise its going to haunt me for the rest of my life.
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