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  1. well quick update my husband recived a phone call from a rather sheepish sounding numpty form welcome wanting to disscuss the account. my husband politly asked for any corrispondence in writing and also informed them they SHOULD NOT HAVE OUR PHONE NUMBERS ON FILE. and left it at that now im just awaiting a letter i know its not going to be a good one as i was only able to pay £50. i am expecting them to try and go for reposession as our arrears are quite high now and getting higher every month. i have also had a letter from welcome stated as their FINAL RESPONSE to my complaint and its prett
  2. well i have just recived a final DEMAND for £119 from them and a threat of legal action if i dont pay by the 6/5/11 i only got the letter today! i can email them to disscuss how i will be making the payment how nice of them .
  3. well yesterday got a letter from welcome, a demand for just over £1000 to be paid in 14 days or else. i have asked for a lower payment as we are in financial difficulty they have refused to accept payments for less than the full amounts. i dont have that kind of money and they dont seem interested in making a payment plan or accepting a lower payment. will they take my house now? i did register an official complaint a whie ago with the fsa who were looking into the matter of them denying any knowlage of financial difficulty and refusing to accept payment i have not heard anything for
  4. god i wish i had read all this sooner i unfortunatly have had dealings with this band of rip off merchants they claimed back over £400 and kept the lot! they are now after a further £119 they have taken money from my bank and have now blocked me from my account ! good luck anyone who gets this lot involved you wont get a penny of your money !
  5. all the phone calls seem to of stopped they have said that i have to maintain regular contact with my local branch though i said i would in writing. not sure what to do now or what information to request form them i have my ofigional aggreement and a statement do i need anything else. i could try and upload a copy as im not sure what im looking for.
  6. No phone calls today yippee !! fingers crossed well i got a statement today first thing in writing. apparently the amount of credit we got was £15197.50 a nice round number with and annula interest of 22.20% for a minimum aggreed period of 144 months. the closing balance is now £15939.16 we got the loan in may 2008 do these figurs stack up it doesent make alot of sense to me how can i pay a 10 year loan off if it keeps going up:?: and the capitalisation figure is extortion its always a different amount should it be the same or not if they dont know what they are doing how should we:raz
  7. quick update made the mistake of answering the phone after several phone calls from them i had had enough when i told them contact in writing only, they threatened to come to my door. fought repo with my mortgage and came to aggreementwith them. but i have put my house up for sale now any way as i cant afford to pay both welcome and mortgage. wish i had just let them take the house....has anyone ever managed to win against these people i have only just started and already stressed to hell with them.
  8. thanks for that i am sending a copy to both the head office and the local branch recorded delivery so they cant weezle out of it. will keep you posted thanks again to everyone for your advice its greatly appreciated:-)
  9. It is the local branch that is calling they can ring every couple of mins on my husbands mobile they are even using their mobiles:-x. i am writing another not so nice letter but should i send a copy to the local branch as well as the head office. Also in the meantime should i advise the people calling that they should not contact me via phone or just ignor the calls. im at the point i dernt answer the phone in case its them
  10. well today has not been a good day they are not listening 18 phone calls to my husbands mobile and several to the house phone but no messages left. wouldent this be harrassment?
  11. it was arranged through a broker we seem to have several copies of the agreement all with different amounts on. but not all signed.
  12. thanks that is a big help i will get sent off today. i have been reading alot of stuff about welcome on here none of it good but i am shocked how they seem to be getting away with it. everyone seems to have alot of information but the only information i have is a copy of the agreement (i think ) they never send anything in writing other than the reply to my letter of complaint which was a waste of timeits all phone calls, i have never recived a statement from them does that matter i will request one in writing.
  13. can anyone help we took out a secured load with welcome about 2 years ago for £10,000 after they had added broker fees ect it was for About £14,000 we have been paying £302 a month ever since but we have fallen behind and asked if we can sort out a payment plan but they refused. we phoned to make a payment but as it was not for the full amount they refused to take it and put the phone down. i have been told that out of that only £17 of what we pay goes towards the loan the rest as they say is capitalisation. i have made a complaint in writing which they have not suported saying they are no
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