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  1. They sent forms to fill in on ending the of old agreement in may which I filled in with the same offer 60 pounds a month spoked to them was told it is standard to review and renew the arrangement have done before but as the six years are up for the default thought it would go like the rest of my accounts I sar requested them had ppi refunded and got a fair chunk of interst back as took it to ombudsman s in 2009 they went from 16.9 to 39.9 bit weary og going back to ombudsman as I have outstanding complanet with MBNA do not want to be seen as trouble maker
  2. It used to say 2nd June 2008 it now shows the 18 th may 2014 the day I had to sign a income and expenditure form and a offer of repayment
  3. It say 8 the same as it has for the last 6 years every one all ways told me the defaulted accounts would be removed after 6 years 2 have gone but paid them off got 2 more paid off one to go July and one October the only other one not paid is the 1 st September guess that will be renewed as well told it will be six years after settled
  4. Update received reply this is what they said as agreeing on the 18 th may to a repayment plan we as in the same way that other lenders do, we share information about our customers with credit reference agencies . We will let the credit reference agencies know that we have agreed a repayment plan with you . we believe this is important as it shows you have arranged to pay reduced payments to your account No mention that this is a final response the bit about agreeing and shareing have been highlighted the ICO do want to know as they say arrangements have to be reported this seems so un fair after have in a dedfault showing for six years advice needed
  5. Back again , well good to their word the default was renewed new date 18th may 2014 , phoned the ICO told me I have to complain to the firm not them , phoned told the same as I agreed to a new arrangement they are entitled to report it the account will go 6 years after it s cleared end off no further discussion will be entered into where do that leave me
  6. Thank you I have to watch my credit file for the next few weeks make sure it s not changed and go s
  7. Yes done the CCA got my ppi back also won interest rate s increases from 16 .9 to to 30 percent back after fos complant just seems unfair if they do get to keep the account on my credit file
  8. Sainsbury I thought the account would be removed on the 2 nd of June this year experin even confirmed this last week but when I went back to sainsbury they told me as there is still an outstanding balance they have to report to credit file hope the account do not return with ar markers like mbna do but she clearly said as you agree the new terms every six months (even if the payment stays the same) they will simply renew the default as it is still in default
  9. It is sainsbury bank credit card been paying over six years about 3 to go on arrangement default date 2 June 2008 so I thought it be removed next month but now done their six months reveiew been informed that they can re new the default date keep it on file as I agree new terms every six months a review they insist on have increased the amount they get by 10 pound a month over the six years , they say there are new ICO guidelines in place to allow this to happen to report such an arrangement phoned ICO helpline not very helpfull told reporting an arrangement if one exists is factual yet all you read is a defaulted account is removed after six years
  10. Hello been informed today that a default can be renewed for another six years after the first six if you are still paying told the company they can not I would go to the ico if they did but they told me it is their rules that allow them to do this has any one else heard of this been throu there guidelines can not see any thing
  11. Hello, just a quick question tried to open a current account with the TSB during the week I had 6 defaults from 2007 to early 2008 all but one is settled but still paying it asked about defaults I told the truth said what there was but none showing as all removed after 6 years so they do not count only thing visible are 2 very long term arrangements with mbna the women told me it makes no diffrent you have to declare the defaults for ever if not you are committing fraud is this true as it seems very unfair that they can take consideration
  12. 68boy

    A R marker help sorted

    Yes I not holding out much hope as every thing I took to ico Brooke there 3rd principle a temporary arrangement last 12 years (such arrangements may last some time but are generally expected to return to contracted term) account is terminated and not allowed back (follow a satisfactory period of payments under a temporary arrangement the account set to zero ) 7 years not long enough(if after a period of time a permanent change in terms surly terminate account is ) it seems so un fair that they can put a black mark on you for 18 years there mbna solution of of a part settlement at a huge discount stills leaves a black mark for another 5 years
  13. 68boy

    A R marker help sorted

    They told me to take my to FOS as a un fair agreement I sent a copy to my mp guess it will do no good
  14. No it was bank of Scotland card had owed nothing to nationwide that's why I thought I was safe but when debit card came up for renewal they down graded it to basic they must have noted everything down on my credit file from then and used it now to base there decision on so hopefully go to some one new and they only see what's on my credit file now
  15. The default is from a credit card nothing to do with bank
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