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  1. Hi, Payments have been maintained, NatWest just lost contact with me (even though I told them of address changes) so I believ it doesn't apply. Looking at other threads it seems I should be asking them for 1) A Proof of debt 2) Making a SARs request 3) Asking them (or NatWest) to confirm the DCA is acting for Nat West Does anyone agree / disagree? My problem is that at the current level of payment this will never go away, I considered going bankrupt at the time but was persuaded not to, how do I get this sorted out givcen I can't afford to pay it back? Any help or guidance much appreciated
  2. Where has the thread been moved to, I can't find it. Thanks
  3. Hi Folks I was wondering if anyone can help / give advice In 1996 I got myself into loads of debt problems with a business I was running with my late Father, end result was that NatWest got a County Court Judgement against me (but not may late Father) for approx. £65,000 and I agreed to pay £60 per month which I have done for the last 15 years or so, never missed a payment. I’ve not heard from them for about 4-5 years when I received a letter (forwarded from a previous address) from them asking for an increased payment, I spoke to them and we agreed to carry on with payments at the same level. I have notified them of changed addresses (1999/2000) and now spend most of my time out of the country they have never acknowledged my letters about the change of address. I have today received a letter (forwarded to me from a previous address) from a DCA saying I owe NatWest about twice the amount and that I should make contact immediately to pay it off or they will explore all further options etc; Any advice on how to proceed and what to say when I call them would be appreciated Thanks
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