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  1. Tax is voluntary. Can someone actually name the law that applies to the tax on labour? Although the establishment would never hear such a case.
  2. It is running alot smoother especially with hot water is in use whilst the heating is on.
  3. Yes that does sound like your using about 3x as much gas. Try get a new meter.
  4. We also got a new meter installed and we are chasing npower for the credit we lost.
  5. We have sorted it out now. We also got our boiler serviced. Our gas consumption has halved as a result. Happy days.
  6. Tell me about it. At least the posts above have helped me to get to the point. I think a reset, monitoring and if worst comes to worse a new meter may be be needed. I have a week to turn this around to be tastie this xmas.
  7. As I said its going to be fun on the phone tomorrow. I have just completed an online complaint. Will be switching asap to another big 6. Huff.
  8. Ok gas combi boiler and gas hob on our oven. So do you suggest I turn the gas main back on. Then turn on the boiler? I dont see the point as no gas is on the meter as it says call help. Akso the gas appliances have been off now for nearly 24hrs.
  9. I too think it needs resetting. The general feedback from friends and family is that they needs to reset it by coming out. The over a 7 day period it should be monitored by ourselves and npower.
  10. Ok sorry about the delay. Its been a few hours and the debt has stayed at £1.42 since the main gas was switched off. So the debt is only added when the gas supply is on. I cant smell any gas in the cellar where the meter is. Its going to be fun sorting this out tomorrow.
  11. I havent tried that. I will switch it off now and check to see if debt is still wracking up. Even though I have money on the prepayment card it says call help on the meter. Will let you know if there are any changes I the next hour.
  12. Gradual unit/ credit usage. As I said we turned all appliances off and it was still going down at quite some rate. By the way we managef to sort some electric heaters from friends and family, which are using less money than our gas.
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