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  1. thanks for your advice, should I reply requested a SAR addressing this to the PPI Complaint team or my local branch? Should I respond in writing now to the PPI Complaints team in response to their offer .. detailing that I am requested an SAR and challenge the amount they have offered as I have different figures and quote the figures they told me over the phone? Perhaps in response they may increase their offer?
  2. i've been offered £3306 ( including interest) following a telephone enquiry I made to HSBC about possible PPI I may have had on two loans I took out for £8000 in 2002 and a consolidated loan of £16500 in 2004. I never completed the forms they sent me. I took the liberty of phoning HSBC and said I would like a breakdown to reconcile with my figures as it didn't seem right... I have no paperwork or figures. The customer service agent may have slipped up but told me I had premiums of £1380.20 & £3964.26 on both of the loans and would ask for soemone at HSBC
  3. So further to this I drove to where the car was issued a PCN, trying to put myself in a neutral position there are a fair few signs around so it is reasonably clear, Parking Control Services seem to be within their rights to issue a PCN. I agree the way they have written their letter is out of order but in essence a penalty still applies. Should this still be paid or just leave it? Whats the worse case scenario in terms of costs if they want to follow it up. Now its £75.00, in 14 days its £150, then with ay extra costs for collections e.t.c? I believe they have no right to clamp the car at m
  4. I wonder If I should reply stating their threats are illegal and if they took to court thiese threatening letters would be frowned upon by courts of law. In addition if they send me any more letters of communication I will bring it up with their client i.e the college which would not look good should they wish to renew their contract with the land owners of the college next year Or I just ignore !
  5. Appeal Letter sent to PCS 19th March 2011 To Whom it May concern, I write to you to appeal against my parking charge dated 19/03/11, location L001524. I am a student of Oaklands College studying for my BHS stage 2 exams. I have been taking this course for the 18 months and have always parked in this area without question, all my fellow students have also parked in this area without question. I have never noticed any signs in that area. I have spoken to my tutorand she advised to contact yourselves. The only sign I could see when looking is attached which is half a sign.
  6. Letter In relation to the above matter we acknowledge receipt of your appeal letter and the contents have been noted There are warning signs situated throughout Oaklands College which state; Warning , Pay Display Car park, failure to comply will result in the vehicle being issued with a Parking Charge Notice without any notice given As the vehicle was not displaying a valid pay and display ticket or permit ( having checked photographs of when the vehicle was issued a PCN) as clearly stated on the warning signs, the vehicle was issued with a PCN The responsibility to observ
  7. Another annoyed victim of Parking Control Services - by the way I live iin St Albans so I don't know if they are expanding from London. I'm the registered keeper my partner parked the car in a university where she is a part time student. . I have pictures of a half broken sign where the car was parked and posted to withe the appeal. Its on a University / College Campus where my partner takes riding lessons and is also a student regularly at weekends. Never had a problem for a year. There are signs on the campus but this is like a side agricultural part away from the main parking which sh
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