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  1. Hi I've got a pretty convincing letter from the court!, its from cap quest!, about a debt I've no knowledge of and\or was over 10 yrs old.. ..my question is can they go to court without me even defending it and they sending court letters or are the court letters fake and they are just trying to frighten me into signing it and admitting liability. ...i have heard debt companies do send out these so called court letters but not sure if cap quest are one of these.. ..and how do I know if its genuine.. ..any help or advice would be greatly app
  2. HI, a question.. .if a debt collection agency buys a debt of another company, can they legally pursue you for a debt that you havent actually got a contract with them. ..if your debt is with company A and company B buys your debt then surely your contract is with company A still regardless of who buys it.... ..im not talking about dca that have a vested interest with a company that they collect money on behalf of, im talking about a dca that buys a debt of a finance company.. ...thanks in advance..
  3. yes of course the amount would depend whether it would clear the debt, im guessing that just because im claiming ppi on a debt that is statute barred doesnt mean that the debt then becomes non statute barred because im claiming ppi on it does it......and thank you for all your advice people...
  4. yes i am looking to go bankrupt but just cannot afford the 600 pounds to do so, and if i can pay of my debts with the ppi money that i was miss sold then thats great im happy with that. if they did buy back the debt and use the ppi money to set off the debt then i take it that will be paid off then......
  5. HI Ive got a quick question about claiming ppi. i had a loan with a company years ago over 10. the debt is now statute barred, they sold the debt to a dca but because it was statute barred no further action was taken, however the debt obviously still does exist and i am keen to pay it off. the original loan company still exists and my question is if i claimed ppi from the original company for miss selling me ppi will they pay me so that i can then pay the dca off or will they keep the money... i was told at the time by taking out ppi would mean i would get the loan and if i didnt then t
  6. hi yes i sent an email to them requesting a cca and they replied with a letter saying "look we get these all the time there not worth jack so stop stalling and pay up".. ..that is what they replied with so i sent another email requesting cca and didnt even get a response until today when i receieved this court letter which doesnt actually say when the hearing is ..it does look a bit vague i must admit!, if i didnt know any better i wud say its a self generated one by restons but i dont know....
  7. HI GUYS AND GALS, After a little advice please, received a letter from restons solicitors 3 weeks ago asking for 348 pounds for a debt ive never heard of, (ARROW GLOBAL GUERNSEY LTD). i send them an email asking to prove the debt etc etc, they write back saying dont be stupid its your debt pay up.. i send another email requesting proof of the debt etc etc. ...never heard back but get a letter in the post today from northampton court... obviously i am going to contest this as surely im entitled to documentation to prove its my debt and surely they are duty
  8. Hi i got a letter from restons solicitors a couple of days ago asking for 348 pounds for a debt ive never heard off. i send them the prove it letter, they write back saying weve seen this type of letter before and its not legally binding... ...so they say were going to issue legal proceeding now ...im thinking this is just a scare tactic, i mean how can they take me to court for a debt ive never acknowledged, have no details and they dont provide any... .are they for real... Can anyone advise with a suitable reply please. The debt has no dates or deta
  9. Thanks i will check my credit file to see who owns the debt......the original loan with provident was 1800 pounds and i paid it for about a year at 37 pounds per week....mckenzie hall have not said what the amount owing is, but i will check for unfair charges, i think i can do that with my credit file or am i wrong in thinking that would i have to contact provident for a complete breakdown of payments and interest added...the loan with provident was taken out in 2008
  10. Sorry, confusing myself here....ive got 2 letters from mcknenzie hall...one is regarding the provident loan with the photocopy cca and the other mckenzie hall is asking me for my personal details about a pounds to pocket loan, which i dont know nothing about, sorry i was getting confused here, it was the photocopy cca that i was asking about, the other letter from mh about pounds to pocket i think i might bin...
  11. Hi it is mckenzie hall that is acting for pounds to pocket....i last paid about 4yrs ago...i havent checked my credit file....the photocopy does look ok to me, i cant see any part of the agreement that offers payment protection, altho i dont think provident offer that kind of protection, and i certainly wouldnt have chosen it anyway...
  12. Hi people i have a question re the agreements that you fill out for credit. ...i had a loan with provident about 5 yrs ago, due to a relationship break up and time spent abroad, i missed payments and overlooked it.. ..being back in the uk a debt company wrote to me about this provident loan , i asked for the agreement to prove it was mine, they sent a photocopy of the agreement to me.. .yes it is mine, i cant see any problem with the agreement with regards to the bits being filled in etc.. ..but my question can i insist on the original or is a photocop
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