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  1. I have been reading the papers from the SAR all day and confusion reins. I have though noticed that Blemain have prepared a Settlement Quote for Compass Finance and then charged me £50 for the quote. I am pretty sure I never applied to Compass Finance for anything and when you put Compass Finance into Google this comes up ....http://www.guaranteed-secured-loans.co.uk/ which is the same company that comes up if you type Blemain into the CAG search. What is that all about?
  2. Been reading through the SAR. I wish I could say it makes interesting reading but it just doesn't. Lots of inaccuracies on the transaction details sheet and funnily enough not one mention of Monarch Recoveries in the whole SAR but nothing unexpected. I have read the original claim for possession of my house and the claimant was asking for possession on the grounds that "the defendant has not paid the agreed repayments of the loan and interest" and then "Please refer to the statement of account enclosed at exhibit bfl1" Reading the exhibit they are claiming reposse
  3. Thanks for the best wishes Figaro and best wishes to you too. x
  4. Thank you all for the replies and sorry for the delay in replying. It's all been fun here as I was just on holiday and my Gran was suddenly taken ill a couple of weeks ago and died in hospital. I had to come back from holiday and then had to wait to go to my sisters house to retrieve all of my folders and files. All settled down now so back to the wonderful world of Blemain Finance. Blemain still do have a charge over the house yes, but that is not really an issue for me. I love my house and have no intention of selling. Don't get me wrong, I would love them off the deeds but them being o
  5. Hi dx, thanks for the reply. The SAR went in on Monday so waiting for that to come back, and that will be a week going through that little lot. But the question I asked above is what I need help on, can Blemain still move for repossession now I have come to the end of the contract and paid what I was contracted to pay? They are trying to get me to make the charges amount into a new loan and credit agreement but they can get lost. Exactly what hold do they have over me now.
  6. To keep it brief. I had a secured loan of £5000 that I took out in 2006 with the ever delightful Blemain. Many crazy things happened to me over the course of the loan and I did fall into arrears on occasions and did have to go to court once for repossession but the contractual amount that I was scheduled to pay on the loan has all been paid back now. It was £7520, all done and dusted last October. After I finished paying the loan Blemain sent me a letter telling me that I still owed them another £7000 (not unexpected) but the nice thing was there was a "goodwill ge
  7. Man what were we smoking when we took our loans out with these sharks! Like a couple of others in this thread I was introduced to Blemain through Ocean Finance. I took out a secured loan in 2006 for 5000 repayable over 5 years. Worst mistake I think I have ever made but I have now virtually paid it all back with just £200 left to pay from the £7200 scheduled. I've had lots of trouble in the last 5 years and there have been times when I did let the payments slip and so I've had lots of charges added to my account and they still want nearly £7000 from me! I think
  8. I got my letter today. Who knows what they are up to, but whatever it turns out to be I'm just glad my arrears are now listed as being £489 with £708 of their charges moved to the other column. Silly of me to get in arrears in the 1st place but at least they can't mither me now saying I have a payment shortfall of £1200 and I need to pay it all NOW!!!!!! They will have to pay out in the end, and they know it. Looks to me like this s the 1st step, why would they trawl through thousands of accounts to divide the arrears to constituent parts unless someone had had a word.
  9. Hi, you never can tell with this company. In the end I didn't need to use the income/expenditure sheet or the letter. I rang the company and arranged to go in and see them face to face and I sorted it all out that way. I'm having to pay £100 a month, which is a stretch but nothing I can't cover. The £100 comes off the total remaining debt and to be honest I'd rather try harder to find work, pay a bit more each month than I wanted to, pay off this debt and get this lot off my back as soon as possible. Thanks anyway for your help. I was a bit panicky last week when I got the eviction notic
  10. no, this computer doesn't have Word.... but it did help put men on the moon in 1969 its that old lol............but I am going to the library tomorrow to print out any letters so I could open and adapt it there. x
  11. no, I mean 50 in total, its a push at that to be honest if I dont get any work in that month. And also the term of the original loan has expired so if what they said when I spoke to them a while ago there is no monthly installment ( although that might not be right??) x
  12. hi, I've been to the library and printed out a couple of copies of the payments sheet and have written this letter to Blemain, see what you think. Also, i live right near to their office and actually have to cycle past there tomorrow so am going to drop the letter off personally, and I will be making a video of the delivery given the frightening thingas I have read about this company on here.. I'd be grateful for any input you have. thanks. xx Dear Sir/Madam Re I am writing in respect of the secured loan debt I have with you and the current arrears. I have an eviction date set f
  13. Thank you. Yes, I am in a position to offer to pay £50 a month and no, I've not been able to do the form yet because the computer I'm on doesn't open the file extension so I'm off to the library this afternoon to print a couple of forms off and fill them in by hand. x
  14. thank you for taking the time to reply Ellen. Very much appreciated. x Yes, I have rented out the rooms, and get the first payments today and together they will bring in an income of 560 per month. Not a great deal I know but "every little helps". I am a decorator by trade but the construction business is nowhere at the moment and people seem to be doing a lot more DIY. I've always said that virtually anyone can pick up a brush or roller so its the first thing that people think they can cut back on when doing home improvements. But I am looking looking looking for work.
  15. p.s. I forgot to mention that the total amount payable on the loan is £7200.
  16. Hi all. Just a bit of advice please. I have a secured loan with blemain finance that I took out in 2006 and it was for £5000. The loan was for a term of 5 years. I have paid back £6100 of this loan but have been in difficulty lately and the last payment made on the loan was in July this year when I paid the installment plus £50 towards the arrears. I was working and had a lodger but lost the job I had and the lodger moved out. When he went I took the opportunity to split the two large bedrooms into three and have just finished this rejig this week and can now rent out the rooms so I have a st
  17. Hi all. Just a bit of advice please. I have a secured loan with blemain finance that I took out in 2006 and it was for £5000. The loan was for a term of 5 years. I have paid back £6100 of this loan but have been in difficulty lately and the last payment made on the loan was in July this year when I paid the installment plus £50 towards the arrears. I was working and had a lodger but lost the job I had and the lodger moved out. When he went I took the opportunity to split the two large bedrooms into three and have just finished this rejig this week and can now rent out the rooms so I have a st
  18. Hello People. I just need a very quick but of advice. I might be just a bit thick but that doesn't make me wrong! I have an outstanding (contradiction in terms when talking about Acenden:-)) mortgage with this firm for as near as makes no difference £35,000 and I'm on the LIBOR plus 3% which makes my interest rate for June 3.83%. When I put the particulars into an online mortgage calculator I get a monthly repayment figure of £182 but Acenden say my monthly payment figure is £210.13. Am I missing something here, what could be the cause of the discrepancy? Length of time I've had the mortgage?
  19. hello, me again, I'm just reading about the case now. Did you SAR Blemain, did you write to them or did you just ring them up. I posted on this site a month or so ago and the next week I received a letter from them telling me about my settlement figure and from what I can work out its a hell of a lot less than it should have been and also they were saying they could offer credit facilities so as to not incur more interest! Its almost as if they knew I had posted! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  20. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.................. I'm very happy for you. And thanks for the post. They are leeches and think just because you signed a credit agreement with you it gives the a license to print money...... your money. I'll certainly look into it. I'd love to finish paying the loan in October and then have their charge removed from my home! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  21. Well thanks helpasker. Not sure that your post was what I wanted to hear or necessarily helpful but thank you for taking the time to reply. Quite a rant there! lol But further investigation of Blemain means that I've found out that they are regulated by the FSA. For them to say that they are not regulated by someone is a bit of a fib.... I went for a job selling insurance over the phone and was turned down because I failed the credit check, ditto for an estate agency job I went for... both of these positions being regulated by the FSA.... if I can't get a bloody low grade job because of the FS
  22. Hello I was stupid enough to take out a secured loan with Blemain Finance in October 2006. It was £5000 to be repaid over 5 years.... thankfully the term is nearly up now! I have some arrears on the account but these amount to about £500 and I have an agreement with Blemain to make my repayments of £124 a month plus £44 towards the arrears. I am working really hard to fully repay my total loan amount as per the original agreement buy the time October comes so that I no longer owe them anything from the loan agreement! (and they wont be able to charge me for the "roll over fee") But what
  23. cheers Dx. I have no intention of signing the letter.... never did have. They are refunding the 600 without further contact but are making the refund of the further 115 conditional on me signing away my rights of further redress! I understood that... more than a little sneaky on their part.... getting someone to sign away a claim for thousands for £115. What I don't get though is why they have been through the whole of the account and agreed to refund items that I never complained about in the 1st place. Items against their own T&C's and not against the law / FSA etc. What happened to them
  24. Hi, I'm new to all this, and this is my 1st post, so bear with me. SORRY SORRY SORRY I have good things to say about Acenden but I am waiting to be shot down in flames. I have read loads of threads and posts relating to this company including the exhaustive and the informative posts from Little Dotty and Crapstone and some of the experiences have been really terrible to say the least. For a year or so, I paid my mortgage on time and paid the agreed amount towards the arrears and last year the people at Ascenden agreed to capitalise my arrears, for the £65 fee....
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