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  1. hi guys, lowells have sent me a PAP re this. shall i respond with the standard PAP protocol?
  2. Hi Guys, Just an update 27th june i received a letter from the courts stating they receieved my defence and would allow 30 days for the other side to respond So far we are now 34 days and nothing. Have heard of cases where erudio has appealed and tried to reopen, or maybe its only 30 days for them to respond to the courts in which case i guessi could still get a letter? anyway shall keep you posted
  3. Done Thank you again! i shall keeo you updated with any news
  4. So ready to post this defence. Having looked at what you wrote for the other thread: ----------------------------------- 1 The Claimant's claim was issued on (insert date). 2 The Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the limitation act 1980. . If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of 6 years have elapsed since the date on which any cause of action for breach accrued for the benefit of the Cl
  5. Awesome, i'll compile and post here just to double check Thank you again!
  6. HI My SLC SAR clearly shows i was defered up to 2013 when trasmferred to erudio. By this i meant the balance statements themselves that kept showing the consistent entries of 'deferral - repayment due processing' To say 'clearly' was probably incorrect of me i apologise, this entries doesnt necessarily mean it is deferred it could have meant it is due to be processed im not sure. From what i can see also its SB. Its just the balance statements threw me off as they seemed to be showing i was deferred, SLC never chased me and i kept sending the DAF every year.
  7. Right so you want the entire contents of the SAR? its quite a lot of pages but no problem at all give me until this eve or tomorrow max so i can compress them Only evidence the statement shows is the balance entry 'deferral - repayment due processing' last one is on the 1/2014 customer activity statement shows in sept 2007 - 'reg daf, adv we accepted and letter in the way' NO DAF forms in SAR Docs1.pdf
  8. I cant find where the 'exact date of my 2013 deferment' is? I have from SLC SAR: 1 - Customer activity 2 - Balance statements The customer activity statement shows the last 2 recorded logs: in sept 2007 - 'reg daf, adv we accepted and letter in the way' in sept 2008 - 'adv we have not yet received letter sent in, adv should update within a week or 2' in dec 2014 - erudio statement requested This is probably why i received a letter from erudio stating my last deferment ended in 2008? According to SLC custiomer activity my last deferme
  9. I filed AOS so presuming now its 28 days plus 5 days of 3rd june? Which means 5th july? i am going through my SLC statement now to see my date of deferment in 2013
  10. So that date at the top of the form is 3rd June 2019
  11. Awesome and nice to hear from you! Right i double checked my last statement on my student loan SAR pack was late 2013 FYI. But just double checked that letter erudio sent me just FYI ill write it back here word for word, even though im sure of the answer: "We can confirm your student loan terminated in x November 2016 due to the outstanding arrears balance. Presuming this refers to them as i supposedly never contacted them Your last deferment ended on October 2008 during this period, as your account was not in deferment your contractual monthly payment
  12. Ok right my apologies the final page in the claim pack sent is the defence form to complete and post back. I shall begin tomorrow compiling How shall i propose this defence, is my summary above good enough? any key pointers or things to include here. Advice would be welcomed so im not going down the wrong road here
  13. Thanks Andy, done - 'Your acknowledgment of service was submitted' so all good. drafting the CPR 31.14 now an will send tomorrow Just to confirm, you wrote: 'you MUST file a defence regardless by day 33 from the date on the claimform [1 in the count] ' The filing of the defence IS what ive just done in MCOL correct? i discard the paperwork received? apart from CPR 31.14 there is no further action for me to take but await a follow up letter from the courts or email reply?
  14. Name of the Claimant ? Erudio student loans limited Date of issue- 3 june 2019 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1. The claimant claims £7404.94 for monies due from the defendant 2. That was personal to regulated agreement between the defendant and the student loans Company Limited. Each agreement have an individual account number as follows: xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxx 3. The defendant failed to make payments as pertimes resulting in the agreement being terminated. Notice of such is serve
  15. Right apologies! so im going to do a CPR 31.14 request as this is a student loan pre '98 i wont complete the N1 form at this stage including income expenditure etc, im going to answer fully tomorrow and compile the CPR 31.14 which im understanding should be addressed to Erudio (claimant)
  16. Thanks Andy, im going to read carefully and fully respond tomorrow. To clarify im just concerning myself with the first post only for now as this is the claim form NOT the N1 summons? i cant see N1 written anywhere and imagine thats the next stage?
  17. Hi Guys UPdate: drydens sent me a letter stating they have taken the debt to County court claim. Received the county court claim in the post today. Looks like i may well be going to court! Never defended a CCC before, ive started compiling all my evidence and refreshing all the posts in here and others. Any advice on what my ext step should be?
  18. update guys: received letter from lowells sols saying they will look into the matter with their client ..lowells completed PAP as advised and yet again ever so grateful. Just wanted to keep an update for anyone who may be in a similar circumstance
  19. Hi i was just logging in to ask that question great thanks, sending off tomorrow so ill just tick box D and not box i Thanks again Hmm just noticed the letter was dated 16th even though i received it on the 26th, hope this isnt going to cause an issue
  20. Wow thanks so much Dx at this hour for your help yet again, ever endebted to you and this forum Yes that was everything they sent, exactly what vanquis sent also, Well vanquis did send a summary of my transactions also but that was quite a few pages long, sorry if i should have included that. looked pretty rubbish to me also considering i sent a SAR to vanquis!
  21. Last payment was 7/2015, last fee out the account before closed was 12/2015
  22. Ive recv'd the exact same form today, following the PAP protocol Have you heard anything? i had the same from 2 other debts after PAP sent, it went nowhere as in no N1 to date, as DX says its not the N1, and even then you can defend in court, and after that you have 28 days. They are pushing harder because its drawing closer to the end date of the default, im on a similar time frame to you. I also had a reduction letter then my PAP now states full amount. Im curious what did your CCA look like? mine was literally a computer form with my details and 2 pages o
  23. Hi Guys, Ok so today i recieved a PAP from Lowels solcitors today. To recap: CCA sent to both Vanquis and lowel, they provided nothing more than a computer 3 page print out of my details and the Terms pages SAR sent to Vanquis only - not much returned apart from statements i have NOT declared any communication to either or party as advised. Someone asked the start date before = 2013, delinquent date says 0003 on the credit file NEXT STEP: So im going to follow previous protocol here and do the following: So im going to send off
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