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  1. Apologies for the delay it took a while to cut and also get to size, claimants_WS.pdf
  2. Ok ive received Lowells WS etc, its 50+ pages, shall i upload the whole thing?
  3. [email protected] capitals dont matter but its plural - S was missing i would imagine this must be the case for most of the court emails
  4. HI Katy well done indeed! im going through a similar matter. Hearing is in 2.5 weeks Just preparing everything now, any advice you can share from the experience? you said they ask a lot of tough questions, are you able to share whetaver you can? Thanks in advance
  5. Sorted! it was the wrong email! Lowells have also paid the court fee Just finalising statement now and will upload
  6. Haha indeed! I’ve asked a few friends to test the email, definitely not working ill go down tomorrow
  7. Yes I can drop off I’ll post also so there is atleast some proof of receipt the bundle outlined in the letter the court sent me above regarding the remote hearing it is called a bundle but yes compromises of the Statement and documents
  8. Yes I’ve done both that’s the postmaster response it by default puts capitals. Are you also getting successful transmission? It can’t be possible ive tried multiple devices and emails, the outlook fix doesn’t work, their phones are just ringing out. ive read the google review and It has pretty negative responses im wondering what on earth to do next!? I shall put it in writing and I’ll probably have to send a hard drive of the bundle to them also
  9. Ive tried 2 outlook and 3 different gmail accounts. You are definitely not getting a postmaster bounce back after? Your message to [email protected] couldn't be delivered. remotehearingbcc wasn't found at justice.gov.uk.
  10. Will do, ill upload here email: [email protected] Its the same email they wrote twice
  11. HI DX100Uk, Ive tried both the emails multiple times from multiple accounts and browsers - always returned as postmaster email doesnt exist. Ive been calling all day every day since friday. I emailed the general court address to see if they will pass it on Right ok, im prepareing the WS ill send it asap, hopefully today or tomorrow
  12. Apologies attached Yes sir will do it today! I have tried emailing the court but am getting a postmaster undeliverbale email from 2 different email accounts. They arent answering the phone either since friday. Shall i send a letter by post? N24.pdf
  13. Hi guys, I'm not sure what happened to my last post about a court date, but I received the letter of small claims, where it stated the claimant has 28 days to pay the court fees, and after which each party has 14 days to send all of the parties copies of any documents they wish to rely on Last week I received another form from the courts, remote hearing 13th October. So I have a few days to submit my documents. However the new letter is unclear as to whether this is now 48 hours or still 14 days. i will call the courts to give my number as adbvised in the letter ive att
  14. i apologise bankfodder i referenced the wrong link to admin
  15. Still slightly unclear wiil goodfellow can you please clarify your post? beause the HMRC link does not and your quote also..... if you are contradictnig previous posts dx100uk maybe you can reference where this is stated? i see this only https://www.gov.uk/county-court-judgments-ccj-for-debt/if-you-do-owe-the-money-pay-the-judgment but this from a non direct source: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/dealing-with-county-court-judgements-ccjs Puma - how has this played out, is there any update? please let us know, i have had a
  16. Just to clarify, whether or not you are given 30 days or it is forthwith, there is still an opportunity once judgement is made, if not in your favour to pay the debt and ensure the CCJ is removed or does not affect your credit file? This was my understanding as Dx100 has stated above, but i think it would be useful for people to know for certain ?
  17. The defence etc im not sure what information they can see from what ive filed on MCOL, but i have never given any DCA my details apart from address. No idea how they obtained it. I cant bounce back my emails but i have blocked anyway Sorry to confuse, im not sitting on any forms currently, i filed defence in June last year and received a notice of small claims from the courts. I guess lets await anything further from the Courts now unless you advise otherwise
  18. its the first i ever had contact from them by email, ive never given it to them, possibly they got it from the court forms im not sure ill see if i can block bounce it now
  19. HI Guys, today i got an email below from Drydens stating my defence of statute barred was null be ause according to them they sent a default notice Nov 2016 Just to recap, i defended due to letters from erudio stating my last deferrment was 2009, then later saying it was 2014. My MCOL still doesnt show stayed etc last entry is my defence 26/06/2019 _____ We write with reference to the above matter and further to the Defence filed in response to the County Court Claim issued against you. Upon review of your Defence, we note that you claim: 1. The Debt is Statue
  20. Hi Old Cogger, that depends what you mean by no documents, i have posted all the documents i received but they are not a CCA, generic T & C's and i never got the default notice or notice of assignment in time. They sent me some documents which didnt have a letter head attached from Vanquis. Im not sure thats what you mean. Alot of comments on here are newer credit card debts can be harder to defend, i have a defence but down to the judge on the day so was going to call and state my defence and that there are a lot of charges on the account stetements they sent me so i would off
  21. yes sorry CPR right so its supposed to just say defence received, got it. So i can ignore i presume
  22. HI all, I got an email from the mediation service to call and book an appointment. I've read a bit about the mediation call. im not sure how to approach the call. Am i re-iterating my defence and maybe try to get a settlement figure?
  23. HI guys i received the COR request back from dryden today. However its a bit late no? i checked on MCOL and it doesnt showed stayed yet, should it?
  24. Hi Andy, i see... yes of course i will consider it. When you say considerably, what kind of cost are we talking about being added? is there anyway i can estimaste or quantify what this looks like?
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