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  1. hi Will because it states the deferment processing from that date on the statement, thats what it normally says when a deferment is applied to the account? Dx100uk did you see something different as to last reference to deferment? the only thing i can see in their letters to me is that my last deferment was 2008 Thanks DX100uk and thanks Andy, unfortunately the DN upload missed the top of the page when i scanned it, the one from erudio application to the courts shows 13 oct 2016, is this the one you are referring to as my posts are different to yours? presuming this is the one you
  2. Yes im sorry i made a mistake i edited the WS to the 13 Oct 2016 Apart from that is it ok, anything to add?
  3. dammit sorry yes ive been working all night amd tired, amending now Thanks again
  4. Refused maybe the wrong word but in the letters they continue to 'ignore' my deferment forms yet acknowledge my complaints
  5. Hi guys, I have uploaded some other documents that may help. On page 3 you will see a letter dated from them in January 2019 that my last deferment was on ninth October 2008. Notice of assignment shows November 2013 Student loans statement shows last balance entry 2013 This all started due to when the account was transferred to them, I continued to send the original deferment forms which they repeatedly refused. They have stated in these letters I was deferred up until 2014. In 2015 letters they have acknowledged all of my multiple correspondence, failing to respond to i
  6. Ok great thanks Andy, wow yes indeed Ok im going to get something together by the weekend, and then post up here. Guessing i send hard copies to both parties once its ready
  7. HI Andy, 7 days from when? this came on the 11th Nov and the letter just said to await the judges decision so i wasnt aware i needed to submit anything? Shall i do it now or is it too late?
  8. isnt the agreement on page 25? the next page after the ppi Ill go home and read the hard copy properly
  9. Update/recap - Sent CCA/SAR req to Halifax as above they couldn’t find a record and requested my full name address etc to locate me… i didn’t bother. Have just kept communication to ty a minimum CCA from DC now Intrum, and as above DX100UK found that in post 7 “that's not a signed CCA [its for payment protection] the sheet thay need is the reverse of that read it! and the full T&C's are missing pages” DC sent me PAP in march 2019, i replied standard PAP protocol as below. They completely ignored, no contact until 24th Oct 2020. They have again sent PAP but with docs this tim
  10. Attached, they are pushing that it's not SB erudio 28 Nov 2020 at 22_30_31_compressed.pdf
  11. yeh i thought that might be best, thanks alot, just need to make note of the dates
  12. Just an update got a CC letter today with full application from Erudio/Drudens wanting to lift the stay , strikeout defence and summary judgement. Will hear from the judge in due course
  13. Just an update got court letters - a hearing is set for march 2021. I need to submit hard copies of all supporting documents to all parties atleast 14 days prior to hearing. Should i hold off or get this out the way now? What i have submitted online is the final documents anyway right. Its juts i heard of the DC's sometimes trying to submit more info last minute
  14. The remote hearing was today, the one i prepared the bundle and WS for. The judge simply said we will hear from court - i received letter order notice to small claims track - received remote hearing letter - just had remote hearing today - advised in call we will receive further notice with standard 14 day pre court hearing date request for all documents. tbh it was a bit mumbled but presuming we will recieve further communication with final hearing date. Just thought it was odd, all the judge wished to know was if he could help with the dispute at all, w
  15. HI Andy, ive uploaded everything and redacted already. This was my remote preliminary hearing for which i had to create my WS and bundle in the last few posts? What is it you want me to upload, court correspondence? attached redacted. courts.docs.pdf
  16. Well i didn't expect that. A preliminary hearing is where they try to see if they can help resolve the dispute? We will be given a final hearing date in due course. i wouldnt have thought with such a case there would be this process
  17. hi guys, any thoughts on the WS and bundle? i should probably submit today so not to leave it to the 11th hour
  18. Right got you! Thank you attached is revised WS with redacted full bundle, thought this might help others too the only things i have removed are the court claim forms and exhibit A9 statements/agreement MY FINAL BUNDLE COMPLETE_compressed copy.pdf
  19. Ok amended My bundle will include: My Defence My WS including case summary Exhibits Do i need to include any other documents or an index page as a similar layout to lowells? Im presuming i can simply refer to the exhibits they supplied as opposed to include them in my bundle seeing as im addressing their points in WS also? i have my own exhibits ofcourse Im not sure if i need to include all the claim forms, directions questionaire etc etc or again because lowell have if that is relevant for the bundle? MY WS LOWELL VANQUIS.pdf
  20. I noticed another couple of WS had them but also the court letter states to include everything as they may not have access on the day 'the hearing bundle should in as much as is essential to assist the court with the remote hearing of the matter (in circumstances where the judge is unlikely to have access to the court file) contain such documents as follows as may be relevant, appropriate and applicable to the type of hearing in question: - the statements of case (claim form, particulars of claim, defence and counterclaim and any reply and defence to any counterclaim - an
  21. HI Guys, i think ive finalised it now I have put my defence and statement together, not sure i should do them separately or if it matters I have uploaded as PDF but can paste into the thread if easier i havent uploaded the exhibits but i can if required upload the entire bundle i wasnt going to add any other pages so not sure if i need to include as much as they did like their WS, their exhibits, original claim and forms etc My bundle content was going to be: - defence - WS - exhibits Grateful yet again for the support and canno
  22. Sorry to clarify: lowells WS includes a DN which i never received, dated 2015. My SAR to Vanquis was 2017, my CPR request to Lowell and 2 x PAP was 2019, none included the DN, with letters from both outlining what was included in the letter they sent. So neither have confirmed in writing here is the DN both the Vanquis SAR does not indicate any inclusion of this in their letter. Also lowells reply to my CPR states it is awaiting a copy of it from the OC I would have thought a SAR from the OC would include all documents at t
  23. Hi Guys, about to finalise my WS, one question before i upload - would an SAR request to Vanquis not include a notice of default and notice of assignment, should i use these documents from Vanquis in my WS? it should include all documentation sent prior to the request? The default notice Lowell have uploaded states 2015 and i note no logo like i have with the letter from Vanquis. SAR was way after this and neither acknowledged it, infact i have a letter from Lowell stating they are awaiting it after my CPR request which was in
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