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  1. hi barbara, i know we've been following each others posts, ive been doing some research and thought these might help, i cant post links as im new, but if you look for a ' 'Getting Statutory Demand Set Aside' post on here you might find alot of answers
  2. Plus another letter, this time, send recorded: " Claim:XXXX XXX VS YYY Dear Mr X, Please find enclosed a recent copy of a court order made against both parties to this action. i request you send me a copy of your proposed directions, so that we can agree them if possible. Yours Sincerly, XXX.
  3. Next step, send guaranteed delivery (NOT recorded): Claim:XXXX XXX VS YYY Dear XXX, I have received the Statutory Demand sent by your Company or client. To enable me to file a defence I require specific information regarding the account to be provided forthwith. Given that this matter is now the subject of legal proceedings, you are obliged to disclose under the Civil procedure Rules, the information and documents detailed below. The information must be furnished by DATE, which gives you 14 days to provide what has been requested. If you fail
  4. additionally should i SAC and or CCA to HSBC also? eagerly waiting until tomorrow to call royal mail to see if the CCA letters were delivered, take note of the date and start counting 12+2 days! ive read on here some people have actually received copies of CCA back, although their legitimacy is questioned. if i do get one back il certainly post it up. God its going to be a restless 2 weeks! Just wondering what if they proceed without sending an SD pretending they did? ive heard this to happen i meant should i also request a SAR with HSBC in the meantime?
  5. request your CCA in the first instance, and then wait for the reply or the SD to be delivered. then update us as you get on. Im just following the advice people posted on here really. yes i did my own DMP - well i negotiated with each lender individually, they all sent me financial statements to fill in, except lowell ofcourse. CALL national debt helpline (0808 808 4000) barbara, i strongly suggest started your own thread so you can get the specfici answers you need, people here are great, and lowell are notorious! do a google search If you are comfortable posting all the specific de
  6. Hi guys, some more info for you... i last made contact with HSBC in sept of 2007. i said i can pay £70 p/m until i found a job, no reply on several attempts - all sent recorded! i do remember when i defaulted, although not responding to my letters requesting some sort of temporary debt management plan, despite speaking with relevant help bodies they never responded and simply sent me a copy of my CCA for the loan only. That was HSBC not Lowell. i kept a copy of everything. Credit card agreement was actually taken out in 2000 and loan in 2004 Ive sent (yesterday) 2
  7. appreciate your words, i understand B isnt so bad anymore. but i cant do it, no chance, id rather they set up a payment plan as they porposed and put a charge on my property. ive just spent the last 4 years re-building my life and creit due to all the defaults and i cant linger another 6. plus i have a good job now and a daughter. Im not going bankrupt, il find a way to settle with them im sure its just i want to know my options and if they bought this debt for £2 then why the hell should i be paying them £15k. but push comes to shove i will find a way
  8. Much appreciated Scott! I appreciate that. Again apologies as the duplicate posts were due to my pc freezing so I kept refreshing. I'm a genuine user I can assure you. All the best and have a great weekend!
  9. Sorry for bad typo I'm posting from my iPhone I shall try to edit.
  10. Hi guys Thanks for all the replies, seems I came to a good place. Apologies for the multi posting something was up with my pc. And bailiff I'm NOT running away from the debt at all! Please read my post, I have infact settled with every lender I owed money to! In life people make mistakes and we an only but try our best to make amends. If you have nothing positive to offer here please refrain from posting I am genuinely seeking advice which I don't think is wrong. Guys thank you for all your help; ok so.. The last time I paid anyhing is sept 2007 when I wrote to HSBC. s
  11. Hi all, Im new here and hope you can help. Few years back i fell into a pickle and well got in a lot of debts, managed to pay them all off now by settling. However i still owe a £14k loan and £7k credit card with HSBC taken out in 2004/5. I wrote to all my debtors when i became unemployed and told them of my predicament and i would pay monthly or my dad was willing to help me settle. HSBC never responded. couple years actually passed now and honestly i had actually forgotten about it! suddenly i started getting letters again from 'Lowell group'
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