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  1. I've don't that with amazon, then went on their live chat and they said they would escalate it. That when amazon emailled me and told me to go to trading standards
  2. How would I approach this as when I complained to amazon they emailled me and told me to go to trading standards!
  3. It cost around £150 and would cost around £110 to replace with the discount code. I wouldn't want to buy another one through them as it seems to happen all the time.
  4. Hi just wondered if someone had any advice? I have a fitbit versa that has just stopped working. It is still in perfect condition and hasn't been damaged in anyway. I've had it 28 months so it is out of warranty but I feel it should be expected to last longer than just over 2 years. Amazon won't help and neither will fitbit. Fitbit have just given me a discount code for 35% off a new watch. I don't want to spend more money for it to happen again and when reading trust pilot reviews it seems a common problem. Is there anything I can, I've tried resolver but got no where. Many thanks
  5. I've managed to get into the account but there's no infomation or statements on there.
  6. OK thank you, would I need to contact shop direct for the statements? Sorry for all the questions this is all new to me.
  7. January 2014 although I'm sure the last payment I made before then.
  8. I'm not in the position to be able to repay the amount at the moment. That's why I'm getting worried. Is it likely they will start legal proceedings or is it another way of trying to get people to pay?
  9. I've checked my credit report and the account was opened November 2009. The default amount was only £129 so is the rest interest that's been added? Would it still be best to send the CCA request? Thanks
  10. I'm not sure exactly when I opened the account I think it would have been 2007/2008.
  11. I'm not sure I'm in the right forum but could someone offer me some help. I've received a letter from Cohen Cramer solicitors that is a notice of pending legal action. Their client is Lowell Portfolio I Ltd but the original debt was with Shop Direct. It's been 3 years since I defaulted I've had previous letters that I've ignored but never anything about legal action. The debt is for £213. Please could someone advise me what I should do next I'm worried about the legal action. I've never had any contact with anyone about the debt or requested any documents from them. Many thanks
  12. No I renewed with the same company but I did ask at the time and they said there was nothing on my file about the claim.
  13. Many thanks. I renewed with them in February and even at the time I asked what was happening with the claim. I was told there was nothing on my record so not to worry about it. My no claims hadn't been affected and I haven't lost it so I can't understand why they are adding this money .
  14. Please could someone give me advice I really don't know what to do. in January I got a letter out of the blue from my insurers saying I had been involved in an accident and a claim was being made against me. It asked me to contact them which I did. Someone was claiming I went into the back of them even though I was 200 miles away at work at the time . My case handler said she could tell it was a fraudulent claim and they would deal with it. I heard no more from them and as far as I was concerned it was dealt with. I received a letter yesterday 5 months later from my insurance broker saying my policy was increasing by £256 as my insurer had advised them of the mistaken identity claim !! If I don't pay within 7 days they are adding it to my direct debit payments. After spending over an hour being passed from broker to insurers the problem is my insurer has closed the case as they know it wasn't me but the third party hasn't closed it so the claim will stay open on my record until they close it. No one can tell me how long this will be but I'm worried because I can't afford to pay the extra money nor do I think I should have to as I'm totally innocent but if I don't pay my direct debit my policy will become void. Please can someone tell me what I can do as I don't have much time . Thanks
  15. I don't want to return to court but want to work out a way to pay that I can afford but the landlord is being so unreasonable and bullying he won't accept the amount I am offering . I needed advice on what to do about this
  16. I've been trying to ring shelter since first thing this morning but can't get through. I really feel like I'm banging my head against a brick wall! To top it off not only did I have to pay rent on 2 properties for one week council tax are trying to charge me for both properties for one week !
  17. CAB told me I could appeal the decision but it will cost a further £115 and I'm not guaranteed to win! It all seems so unfair these ruthless landlords can make people homeless then make them pay for it ! I'll try shelter tomorrow, thanks
  18. Hi, yes I've been sent the order for possession. I did write a letter to the judge before stating I was moving out anyway but the landlady still went ahead with the court order.
  19. Please could someone give me some advice? To cut a long story short my landlady served me with a section 21 notice as work needed carrying out on the property I was renting and she was unwilling to pay out. My local council were unable to house me within the notice period but have now rehoused me and I have handed back the keys to my old house. However my landlady still went ahead to get a possession order which was granted on 20th September. It states I have to be out on or before 4th October and pay £244.50 plus a fixed fee by then too. I am now out of the property but there's no way I can afford that sum of money by Friday. I live with my 2 children on my own and work part time plus have had the additional moving costs. I have spent 4 hours at CAB today but they were not helpful at all and were talking about court bailiffs and mounting court costs. Surely I can't pay what I don't have and there must be others in my situation? I just don't know what to do. Thanks
  20. Hi, thanks for your previous help. I sent the response from dx100uk to Next and they have now replied the minimum monthly payment they will accept is £13. I know it is petty and only £3 extra but money is really tight and I feel they are doing nothing to help me. How do I go about paying just £10 a month? Any furthest advice would be appreciated
  21. Thanks for your replies, I will send a letter tomorrow and see how I get on.
  22. Hi , I'm just looking for some advice as to what I can do. I owe £300 to Next directory and have been paying £30 a month minimum payment. I have been struggling recently so have missed the last 2 payments. They have added a £20 non payment charge to my account too. I contacted Next via e mail using the letter template to offer a reduced payment of £10 a month and asking for interest to be frozen. They have just replied to me and said the minimum they can accept is £19 a month. Any help with what I can do next would be appreciated as I feel £10 is all I can afford. Many thanks
  23. Can I set up a bank account anywhere or do they do a credit check? I've only ever banked with Barclays so I'm not sure. Will the new bank change my direct debits over? I had a phone call from Barclays to say they couldn't authorise the loan for me anyway so this doesn't leave me much of an option. I can mange £50 a month but when £34 interest is going on it is hardly making a difference ! Thanks for your help
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