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  1. Hi DX, Yes totally agree with you in terms of the F&F which is why i refused to end any money to Cap One following their non commital settlement letter. Trouble is, now they are totally ignoring the issue. has anyone else had dealings with Cap One and managed to get a satisfactory F&F settlement letter out of them? NT
  2. Hello all! OK, here is my situation. I was in a DMP for around 3 years and haverecently been able to approach my creditors to negotiate F&F settlements. All of these creditors have been surprisingly helpful and fairly easy to deal with, with the exception of Capital One. Having received a letter from them offering a "settlement" ammount which i was able/willing to pay, i wrote back to them asking for a letter that stated this payment would be in Full and Final settlement, and that i would no longer be persued for the remaining balance etc etc, as the original letter only stated
  3. Hello All, There is some superb advice on here so first of all i would like to thank you all for that! I have recently spoken to all of my creditors (3 x credit cards) and agreed full and final settlements over the phone. I stated that before any funds were sent that i required written confirmation of these full and final settlement offers etc. Most have come through exactly as agreed (stating that it is full and final settlement, i will have no more laibility, credit file marked fully satisfied, not persued for any more money), apart from Capital One. They have sent me a lett
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