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  1. Thankyou Slick, I will get this letter done asap and send it off. ~Still no luck with a lappy, unfortunately friend/neighbour is really busy with work and new baby, but hopefully this weekend he should get it sorted. Hope you are well. Best Regards
  2. Good luck and well done for fighting them off, I hope they do keep away.
  3. Hiya Unfortunately still no laptop as yet, so borrowing my sister's to send the latest correspondance I have received from ARC. Sent the letter to Bushey only the other day so haven't heard anything from them. Do I have to reply to these guys? What do I say? This really is the last thing I need at the moment, life seems to be getting harder. Why don't we have a way were we can just prove our cases to these people fairly and humanly, instead of the threats and 3rd party interference. It's funny how they never acknowledge anything within the cancellation period, and then all of a sudden it's after that they start chasing. Also it actually says 1 month cancellation so how can they go to 3 all of a sudden? Sorry rant over, just getting really frustrated with everything. Help would be really appreciated. Thankyou so much. ARC2.rtf ARC1.rtf
  4. Hi Slick. Sorry havent replied. Talk about bad week, its the whole year! My laptop blew after sending u the message. Using my phone 4 emergency use only. Hopefully laptop will be fixed soon. Will be in touch when it does. Thanks.
  5. Yes Congratulations mate. I hope we can all get good news. Maybe putting the template up for information for anyone might be a good idea.
  6. Hi Unfortunately due to a death in the family I have had time to visit this site for awhile. However not heard anything from my anyone regarding my letter from the 5/4/11. Going to now reply back to the manager's letter as I couldn't do it earlier. Will keep this site posted on any news. Thanks
  7. Hi Slick will re-scan the letter and attach it. I have been sending all the letter's registered post to Head Office now, before it was directly to the club. I havent replied yet to this letter as I was fuming and then had a family emergency so had to rush to the hospital...just got back awhile ago. However, I do want to reply to this letter and will run it past you before I send it, but will be tomorrow. Thankyou Slick for all your support and help. DLDoc.doc
  8. OMG the letter they said they sent back at the beginning of March arrived today. Please see attached. It seems like the manager hasnt even investigated the matter at all and just listened to the 2 ladies in membership, who are obviously not telling the truth and the whole story. I was not aggressive or abusive, I was really upset and crying and frustrated, and to make matters worse, Claire was talking over me and not listening to what I was saying, so told her she was rude and uncooperative and didn't want to talk to her but the manager only and put the phone down. That was the same day I found CAG. He's talking about T&C's saying 3 months, but it also says 1 month before the year, and nothing about them confirming, but judging by the way they communicate they seem to have done it on purpose. My friend was able to claw back my emails eventually, and have found the one I sent in July 2010 cancelling and the letter I sent at the beginning of September to confirm the cancellation. Funny how they only acknowledge after my contract ends. Will be replying back to Craig Knowles. Just thought I would update you guys.
  9. Thankyou Slick, I already had the letter from Trevor Munn, but after I spoke to Head Office for the 3rd time and got them to call off the dogs, I havent heard anything, only ARC. I really hope this letter works and they stop all the harrassment. Right off to bed now, cann't keep my eyes open. Thanks again.
  10. Letter sent recorded delivery to David Lloyd. Let's see what they say. Got a message from ARC during my school run asking to call back. Haven't called back. Will keep you updated.
  11. Thankyou for your reply. Yes I have signed it, I edited the agreement when posting, shall I put on the full one on? In the process of composing the letter to send to them, can I email it to you for checking? Regards
  12. Finally received a letter with agreement and terms&conditions. I am not happy with their reply and found other emails between me and them, especially as I found a email on the 12/10/10 and 21/10/10, where again they are saying they didn't get the email in July or the letter I sent again to in September to say I am cancelling my membership and payments will stop after my 12 months. I have attached all for you to have a look at. The letter is rude and they seem to be washing their hands off it. I gave my 1 months notice from September and more from back in July. And the letter they say they sent, I told them I haven't received it back at the beginning of March when I spoke to them and they said they would check and come back to me...never heard back from them. Please where do I go from here. I really want to say it is their responsibility and it says we can give 1 months notice aswell as 3months. Who can we take this to, higher up?
  13. Thanks for the advise, stupidly I would have most probably spoken to them and felt terrible afterwards. Lets see if there is any post from them early in the week Will keep you updated. Thanks to you I now feel I can handle them. Even the mums at school have noticed how I am alot freer I am. I realy appreciate the help you are giving.
  14. hello just to update, sent letters off yesterday morning, registered post to David Lloyd and proof of sending to the other 2. Low and be hold David Lloyd called today, I was driving, so let it ring abit whilst I pulled up. I picked up, said hello and I heard the receiver go down. Even if I didn't pick up, I would have thought that whoever it was would have waited to leave a message. I didn't call back as I didn't know who it was that called. Will update if I hear anything more.
  15. Hi I know a mum at school mention them to me awhile ago, and I was helping her understand the letter. At the time via a search, I found there are some scams going on under Buchanan clark and wells. Have a look, put the name in and lots of different stories about scams regarding this company came up. One thing I remember was that they ask you to do most of the work for them, like confirm name, address,etc. and send supporting evidence. DONT DO IT AS IT IS UPTO THEM TO PROVE IT. Just ignore them and go directly to the client who has instructed to find out what it is they are claiming for. Good luck. These Debt Collection agencies really make life hard for us, they should be regulated by an independant body, the amount of stress, worry and pressure they cause is unbelievable. Thanks to one of the guys on this site and this site, I am now able to handle it.
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