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  1. Hi, Sorry for late response just checked. Thank you so much for all of your advise. I am now starting to see things more clearly. If I am right. I should contact Lambeth council and ask them to accept payemt for the outstanding arrears and the current 2011/2012 CT If they do not allow this leave until they contact me again also send a letter to Equita to tell them that I am arranging to pay the council direct. should I not pay Equita in April and wait for the outcome with the council, usually pay them at the start of month? further to other point reagrding accumalation they have totaled all amounts for previous and current but have not included this is the payment plan, so I shall speak to them about this. Thank you for the support thus far, its a massive help.
  2. I was contacted by Equita in November last year, they sent a letter by post (not hand delivered I dont think). I called them and arranged to pay what I was paying Lambeth direct £180 per month, this is for 2 years outstanding council tax payments. When I moved here no one contacted me about CT and I didnt contact them (I should of on hindsight) anyway agreed to pay same amount and have done, missed 1 payment (called them to say that I was doing so). Then started getting letters weekly saying that they are going to remove my property. I have had no-one come to the house as far as I am aware and dont own a car. I am wondering if all the letters they send in the post are they charging me for this? spoke to lambethand have now received 2011/2012 CT bill and this will now mean paying £290pm in council tax, asked if I could pay them direct they said no have to keep paying Equita and now Lambeth. Checked with Lambeth what I owed on CT arearrs and they have given same amount as Equita, does this mean that Equita are not applying fees, as this makes no sense, since reading other posts. some clarification would be helpful, as I am at my wits end as they keep saying they are coming round. I know not to let in and to keep everthing locked up.
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