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  1. Hi, Sorry for late response just checked. Thank you so much for all of your advise. I am now starting to see things more clearly. If I am right. I should contact Lambeth council and ask them to accept payemt for the outstanding arrears and the current 2011/2012 CT If they do not allow this leave until they contact me again also send a letter to Equita to tell them that I am arranging to pay the council direct. should I not pay Equita in April and wait for the outcome with the council, usually pay them at the start of month? further to other point reagrding accumalation they
  2. I was contacted by Equita in November last year, they sent a letter by post (not hand delivered I dont think). I called them and arranged to pay what I was paying Lambeth direct £180 per month, this is for 2 years outstanding council tax payments. When I moved here no one contacted me about CT and I didnt contact them (I should of on hindsight) anyway agreed to pay same amount and have done, missed 1 payment (called them to say that I was doing so). Then started getting letters weekly saying that they are going to remove my property. I have had no-one come to the house as far as I am aware
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