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  1. OK. I didn't see the attachment (light blue doesn't show up very well on my old PC!) Many thanks
  2. My first time on this forum. You refer ro the "LADER report on Local Authorities and Bailiffs" but whenever I click on that or search on Google it just comes back to this forum. Can you tell me where I can find a copy of this report, is it on the CAG website? or at least a précisof it.
  3. The bank is Santander - original mortgage with the Abbey Bank She currently pays interest only
  4. I am a carer looking after a 60 year old lady with serious primary & secondary cancer. She has recently undergone chemo & a number of major surgical procedures. She is a person of note in her community (MBE etc) who was self employed & whose income paid for her £965,000 mortgage. Since developing the cancer she has become unable to work. Unfortunately, due to a mess up, she did not have mortgage protection or appropriate health insurance. She has only been able to make payments of about 25% of the monthly interest payments due and, as you would expect, the bank have become
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