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  1. he he just got the last of the four from newlyn for the second time, so i have twice been threatened with court action should i push the harassment button now
  2. ok an update newlyn have sent me letter no1 do not ignore thsi letter letter no2 do not ignore this letter letter no3 notice prior to county court proceedings letter no 4 notice of court action thought hey up whats this when i got another letter great we are going to court i thought only to find that they have resent the first letter again demanding payment is this weird am i going to get them all again. i must state i have not spoke or written to them at all or is this dumbness on their behalf
  3. ok going through the mill with this story so far claim for parking £75 within 7 days or £150 within 28 days standard letter. letter sent to dismiss charge letter back sod off £75.00 or £150 after 7 days next letter arrived today from Newlyn demanding wait for it £240 saying DO NOT IGNORE THIS LETTER do i ignore this as i wish to answer and tell them where to go ?
  4. ok just to keep you all abreast of what is happening i have had a final leter demanding £150.00 seven days before the 28 days have expired. they also inform me that this will affect me getting future credit (what tablets are they on) oh and in seven days they will proceed with court proceedings. cant wait for that letter will it be as false looking as the final demand one does. cant see how people fall for this rubbish but having said that i had read this before getting one which made my mind up oh well if a judge says i have to pay i will but not before.
  5. oh guess what they refused to cancel the ticket threatened with county court action aditional costs, interest and fees to be added and a further seven clear days to pay the reduced fee is this the start of the threats now cause im thinking of starting origami with the letters
  6. they rang today and told me to send a letter to get it cancelled, i told them i was not paying the fine and to take me to court. hmmm was that wise i will ignore from know on though devious sods
  7. just recieved a PCN from civil enforcement i parked on their site in Blackpool at 7:17 to 7:28 in the morning whilst waiting to pick up a friend, i looked up at the sign and noticed the penalty charge then read that the car park was free from10am to 11.30 pm for 2 hours i immediately upon reading this left the car park due the time being 7.17 in the morning, there is no barrier stopping you entering the car park yet they still want payment of £150 or £75 within 14 days. what is my position on this do i have to pay, sorry to be a pain after reading all the other posts but some clarifica
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