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  1. Hi Marichida, When does the CMD documents have to be in by? I may be able to assist you a little. I am not a solicitor but I have been down the road that you are now on. L x PS. Don't worry about the money and the power, trust me, you don't always need that.
  2. Hi San_d, I can understand your situation and know that it seems to be something you can do without in signing off for the few days you wil be abroad. I am due to go abroad for 1 week and will most definately be signing off, the reason for this is that JSA means what it says, it is a benefit for one who is seeking employment, whilst I am away I will not actively be looking for work and again if the job centre was to call whilst I am away to attend an interview this would not be possible. I say that to say this, whilst you are going abroad you will have to sign off. I know this se
  3. Oh ok hon, if we are taking about the ET1 form it should have a section which asks you what you want if the case is successful, if so there should a box amongst others which says "compensation only" if you have ticked this box this is fine, the schedule of loss is something that is dealt with later on. If the matter does not go to court and the other side seeks to settle out of court, there is always a possibility that the compensation figure set out on your schedule of loss will be met but you need to be able to show how you arrive at the figures specified. There is a possibility
  4. Sorry S, did not understand your previous question before you submitted your ET1, what was your query exactly? L x
  5. Ok thanks S. When it comes to schedule of loss, as long as we are able to explain how we have arrived at the figures set out in the schedule of loss it is ok. There are compensation calculators that you can fill in on line also, this should give you some accurate figures i you have not done so already. Oh and by the way, sometimes it is up to us what we get - I did. L x
  6. Apologies S. Am not sure what your boxes say, the form may have been updated. What ET1 form version do you have? My one is version 6.5 and this is printed on the Receipt page which you will see when you have printed off your ET1 form. Anyway, if you are not sure what box to tick you can always give the employment tribunal a call, they should have an enquiry line, they will be able to advise accordingly. How did you go about setting out your schedule of loss? L x
  7. Hi D, I have my ET1 form with me at present, just sign the boxes that you feel apply to your case. I would tick the first box and write a brief statement in section 6.2 which would describe the incident(s) which you believe amounts to your reasons for taking this matter to the employment tribunal. As for the schedule of loss, just hold on to that for the time being, that does not need to be submitted just yet. L x
  8. Hi D, Although the way you were dismissed was not correct, you need to appeal against the decision, your ex-employers should have this system in place, refer to your staff handbook or ask HR to provide you with a copy of their redundancy procedure & policy. ET will ask you this when and if you get to the point of filling out your ET1 form. Also remember that your ET1 form following the appeal decision from your ex-employers need to be with the Employment Tribunal within 3 months of your dismissal. Question, are you paying for legal representation? L x
  9. Hi D, (hope you don't mind me calling you this) I send you this reply to let you know that I have just won my unfair dismissal case against my ex-employers and it is all worth it, it can get a bit much sometimes, I don't use the word stressful because whatever we have to endure the end results in matters such as this will be satisfactory. If you have a good solicitor, the battle is partly won. I was offered a compromise agreement after I had won the case, I accepted the offer then withdrew it, the remedies hearing was fast approaching where the employment tribunal would decide what
  10. Hi K, I recently took my ex-employers to employment tribunal for unfair dismissal and WON!! before the actual hearing date which took almost 2 years, I buried my head in reading whatever I needed to, in preparation for what was ahead. I had a case management discussion (CMD) but no pre-hearing review, what I do know is that the pre-hearing review is for deciding certain issues and whether the claim has a reasonable chance of success. The letter sent you by the tribunal should state the matters to be decided at the PHR but both sides will have to explain the basis of their case. Be
  11. Hi Mandyjay, You have said that no employer would employ you with your current ill health and you are right, don't let those unlearned people make you feel as though you are dishonest and that your illnesses don't matter, you are stronger than that, you know what you have been through and what you are going through, I know that it is headache and a lot of wasted time, but you should apply for whatever job you can, this is not only to appease the jobcentre but to also secure your benefits, whether it be jsa or esa, they can stop your money if they feel that you are not doing enough to bett
  12. Hi P, You are more than welcome and you can draw from my strength. Keep me updated. Lolitta x
  13. Hi P, (hope you don't mind me calling you this) In answer to your question, I took my company to court for unfair dismissal and disability discrimination and won my case, I approached the Legal Representation Unit who appointed me a fantastic solicitor on a voluntary basis and did she do a good job or what, I won my case but then when I think about it, the statement which I wrote on my ET1 form was enough for any Judge to see that I had been unfairly treated, it was heartfelt but most importantly it contained nothing but the truth, I had also worked for the company for 20 years. Honeybee
  14. Hi Scouse_Git, I was so sorry to read about your plight with your rep and hope that you have sorted something out if you are going to pursue your case. I went down a similar road to yourself where a legal aid solicitor let me down and said that my case did not have a chance of winning. I am an headstrong woman and when a wrong has been done to me I will battle it out to the end regardless of the outcome, I did not allow this to stop me, even if it meant me pursuing the matter alone. I eventually, however, went to the CAB (they were fantastic) who filled out a form referring me t
  15. It seems quite early in the day for ET to be requesting that a schedule of loss be set out. I agree with stuart_coogh you need to get yourself a solicitor. Don't know what your financial situation is but have you tried legal aid? I know that they would not attend court with you but they would be able to assist you up until this point, they would help you to set out a schedule of loss also and can arrange legal representation for you if it reaches to a full hearing. Have you had any dealings with ACAS at all? Lolitta x
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