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  1. I don't think I have explained myself very well . I applied through a broker and PDUK text me to ring them . I rang and they said there was no record of my application and by this time I didn't want it anyway. Ten days later I had a text to say they were sending funds to my account .I rang upagain and two people told me there was no such account .One told me the date of birth didn't match and to send in ID which I haven't .I have know received a text saying the loan is due to be repaid on 13th September . To open the agreement you have to put in your surname and date of birth ,so mine wont open even tried putting loads of different years . Has anyone else had this before or some advice please .
  2. The thing is they have now paid the money in after 10 days of asking me to send ID in so they could access my account..Don't get it when I ring to discuss it they say no account found because its a different date of birth on their records.
  3. Hi I stupidly applied for a pay day loan , got accepted by pduk and rang them to say I didn't want it after my friend offered to lend me the money. Any way nothing was paid in my account but I did ring to cancel it but to be told I need to send in some ID. Anyway said I don't want it now . 10 Days later I had a text saying they had processed my loan and was paying the money in .I rang again and they said they had no account for me ,been told this 3 times now. Today had a answer phone message from them I rang again and was told the date of birth didn't match their records so to send some ID in. Why have they processed this loan if its not my date of birth .Im stressed please advise
  4. i have bit the bullet and rung them ,i have offered £10 a month and the lady said that will take ages to clear .i said well im not paying 816 pounds back just 100 plus i months interest .she said you are liable for all the costs and we cant do anything about the total now.i said o well maybe the courts would be better route to which she didnt reply.she then said you can pay today using a debit card your first payment i said no i will pay by bank transfer .she said that takes 10 days to get to us ha tough thats it or nothingso she gave me the bank details ,now shall i just pay monthly til ive paid 130 and then what .advice please
  5. hi an update my account has been passed to fredrickson international and my account stands at £816on a £100 pound loan. i have been on fredricksons website and emailed them to be told they cant accept my offer and to ring them .i dont want to ring and get into a confrontation .i have offered 5 months a month for now and have said im only paying £100 plus one months interest .any advice??
  6. Because i said im only paying the original amount plus one months interest they said their legal team will be in touch
  7. latest reply you can pay the 5 pounds per week but the balance payable would be 1,235 pounds ,if you pay 30 it will be 450 balance .to be honest 20 pounds is pushing it for me but i want them off my back
  8. they now say they cant settle for less than 450 pounds ,i told them i had agreed 5 pounds per week with this stacey and i have a copy of that email which im sending to oft
  9. an update received an email from a stacey clementson saying i could pay 5 pounds per week at least but if i could increase payments they would reduce the balance so i asked for a breakdown of amount owed.today someone else emailed me the balance is 1,234 on a 200 pound loan.they could reduce it to 450 if i pay 45 per month as jack stated .who the hells jack a stacey emailed me not jack.also if i make 8 payments of 45 pounds they will close the account and gave me their bank details .i have emailed back saying i will pay 5 pounds per week but it will only be for 200 pounds plus 1 months interest
  10. hi i had the same letter yesterday ,i emailed them saying yes i would pay £5 per month but i would only be paying the loan amount plus one months interest so far no reply
  11. hi im so angry have received a letter today saying despite our efforts to sort this ,what a laugh i have been trying for two months to get a payment plan with them . they say they are sending a doorstep collector to my address between the 12th and 18th of august.,and have added another 100 to the balance.
  12. hi showergirl ,you email them off that site using faq .they ,then reply to your email but its always the same answer .
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