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  1. Hi Padi123 just gonna cancel my contract as i spoke to the complaints dept and they have waived the cancellation charge what a terrible company to get service from they dont care about customers only money tlal05
  2. hi Padi i am currently at logger heads with Aol i have been a loyal customer for 7 years and i must say there service has gone down hill every year and everytime i call ACS i get 50.00 credit on the account today i noticed they had taken 24.96 out of my account even though i was in credit and spent the best part of 2.5 hours to explain to the billing dept and then the custmomer dept then i went through to the cancellation dept i have now been placed in a complaints section and they are going to ring me back to sort out the missing credits to my account i have also had intermittin
  3. hi everyone yesterday i recieved a letter form my council stating a COMMITMENT TO PRISON i was totally shocked i have been seraching for letters i sent to the council when i lost my job and i also applied for council tax benefits the amount is £1583.76 i dont have that kind of money at all. can someone help me with this matter? thank you tlal05
  4. Hi citizenB, i provided them with photograhs of most of the items and even had sky send me an e-mail stating that i had a a sky + box and upgraded to sky HD this was in a photograph too and so was most of the items apart from a laptop which my wife used and a portable passport drive (which had hundreds of pics on it) there was also an evaluation of my jewellery which was done by the jeweller given to them. thank you for the replies and advice tlal05
  5. thank you citizenB for merging my threads @ unclebulgaria i have nothing to hide its been over 3 months and my insurance company loss adjuster is about reliable as a chocolate fire guard (sorry for the comments) all i do is phone her leave a message and e-mail her she doesnt respond until i phone the complaint handler phone number to ask for updates (which we agreed on and this is done every fortnightly) As you can understand a lot of my past memories have been taken and i am upset and if i find the culprits they will have a lot to answer. i have also started asking around pubs and look
  6. hi everyone i have already posted my insurance claim details on here I phoned the police as they are investigating my claim along with More Than/ RSA Group on 10/09/2011 and spoke to the investigating officer with regards to any updates regarding the stolen electrical items and stolen jewelrey and the officer replied " we are still doing our investigations and have asked for for Third Party Reports is there anything you would like to tell us" i replied no as i would just like to put this horriffic expeirence behind me and move on. As xmas is coming up i dont want to buy the kids replac
  7. hi everyone i hope you are a well. well its been 2 weeks since i had any contact with the police and my insurance company i have still not heard anything and it has been 3 months since my house was burgaled, the ploice are awaiting a report from "ico" or something like that and the loss adjuster is not replying to e-mails or telephone messages. I did ring the MD and got through to the complaints dept and they said they would look into the matter and thats all i got. does anyone know what a "ico" report is or what reports do police ask for? or are they just pro-longing the cl
  8. hi everyone, I got a a letter today saying a notice of eviction on 30th august 2011 from Matthew Arnold & Baldwin on behalf of acenden due to arrears on my mortgage which stand at £3,362.91. I was in a agreement with acenden to pay off my arrears at 160.00 per month on top of my mortgage but due to me getting an ear infection and off work for 1 month i had no money coming in and they have issued the warrent again. I spoke to them and have proof of absence from work as i saw the occupational nurse regarding my ear infection. I have also been to seek advice from Chas (charity housing
  9. hi everyone, I got a letter today from Butler Morton for more information and photos even though i told the consultant that a lot of the photos were on a portable hard drive which was stolen. I have also tried to contact my senior loss adjuster but she is not responding (i gave her a week) i have sent numerous e-mails to her to ask what is going on as my kids are without there consoles and its the summer holidays and there are "bored" (thats all i hear) I am awaiting a phone call from a Butler Morton consultant to clarify some points he has raised. I have also phoned Timo
  10. hi Mwynci, I called the claims investigator as i have some copies of bank statements and photos which i needed to give to her of electrical items and purchases made at retailers. She left in a hurry yesterday and i forgot to give her the extra proof (as she said) to her. thanks Mwynci for your fast reply tlal05
  11. Hi Everyone, I had a visit yesterday from my Senior Claims Investigator and a Insurance and Jewellery Consultant from a company called "Butler Morton". They checked the photos which i had with the items of jewellery and also went through the reciepts which i had provided the guy from Butler Morton was a right one (he knew everything) he was saying how do you know that this chain is 22 carat indian gold etc. They visited my parents house and asked my dad a few questions and also visited the jewellers from where the gold was purchased. I phoned the police today to ask for an update a
  12. Hi guys Been on the phone to fos and they referred me to abi who then referred me to the fsa The fsa gave me some advice and also advise me to speak to the insurance company complaints dept as to how the loss adjuster spoke to me. I have some proof like i said but majority of photo proof was on a passport drive that was stolen along with a laptop. She is due to visit again on the 28/7/11 so i can show her all the proof. Hope fully i can put this nightmare to bed and me and my family could get on with our lives thanks tlal05
  13. hi guys just a quick update on how i am getting on i have phoned and emailed sky regarding my additional box that was taken and been to currys and comet but they have no record of sale of the laptop (we bought it 3 years ago) and i have some pictures of me and my wife using the laptop but i want to cover every angle as the loss adjuster was really harsh.i have also read through my policy booklet too.going to the bank now to look through statements and print of the relevent ones for proof of payment.thank you tlal05
  14. hi Mywnci,thanks for the reply i have got photographs which we did take at parties and other functions we have had in the pastlike for instance the i-pod classic i rang apple and it was not registered and i bought it from a friend of the wifes (who is happy to tell them)also proof of withdrawing money out for items some of the things are 4-5 years old and i have also changed accounts since then.thanks tlal05
  15. Hi Honeybee 13 i have treid to put the post into paragraphs but its not working it keeps on saving in a block.Yes Please have a go by all means thank you tlal05
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