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  1. I haven't paid them as of yet, how can I go about making them understand that they CAN NOT charge me for those items, what is the best course for me to take to get that figure down, and also how can I get them to agree to let me pay over a 12 month period?
  2. hi guys/gals. Need some advice really... I have a property I bought in 2006 - Ground rent was paid by the builder, barratts for the first year. Since then It was my duty to pay the ground rent, this never happened due to it being taken over by simarc, and them demanding that I pay the first years ground rent - this dispute went on for many many years - up until August 2011 when they admitted that the payment was made by barratts (supposedly now it wasn't paid but they decided that they would let it go as they wouldn't get the money from barretts). I have today offered to pay the outstanding balance of ground rent over a 12 month period as this is what I can afford, the issue is that the ground rent owed (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2010) comes to £1080 in total. (yeah an extortionate amount but thats another issue). What they have done is added on Interest in the region of £164.74, plus arrears file prep at £110, arrears letter £15, obtaining office copy entries in relation to arrears £25 plus vat on top £30 so a grand total of 1432.87 (which I can't afford at the moment) They are wanting to add this to my mortgage, but not something I really want to do, I have offered to pay £1100 over a 12 month period but they will not budge and keep saying contact your mortgage lender. Not sure where I stand legally, I've contacted the Leasehold Valuations Tribunal, not sure they can help but I do hope they can. Any guidance at all would be great.
  3. I have offered to pay what I could afford at the time and they were not accepting it... which is why this situation has arisen :@
  4. what costs could I expect, as defence wise I am just in dispute of their costs and not of those of the maintenance company
  5. I meant I have NOW had a county court summons in regards to this issue.... any one guide me on the correct path please
  6. Thanks for the reply... this is still ongoing, I have not had a county court summons in relation to this issue, even though I had offered to pay over a direct debit and pay part on the credit card (putting me into further debt) which they were more than happy to accept... where do I go with this now, do I tell the court I can not currently afford to pay due to my current financial circumstances? I have never had to deal with court summons before, as I've always paid my bills on time. I am in dispute of PDC's charges, can this be put into the paperwork that I send to the court? I am happy to pay the original charges that I owe over a direct debit over the period I originally specified. PDC also took on this charge within a month of the original letter being sent my RMG. Which in my opinion is disgusting... but what can you do (I just want shot of these morons)... anyway how what where do I go from here??! Will this effect my credit rating if I let it go to court? even if I am willing to pay the original charges but not PDC's over inflated charges??!
  7. Help guys and girls I've got PDC on my case in relation to the ground rent for jan 2011 to dec 2011, they are wanting the full payment but at this moment in time I am unable to pay due to some major costs on another property (so I'm currently majorly overdrawn and having to borrow money, buy things on credit card until the other property is sorted). Anyway PDC have been onto me in regards to this, I've been in email conversation with them and have offered to pay the debt off over a ten month period which I can afford. They are having none of this and originally offered me a 3 month period including their over inflated fee's, then they extended this to a six month period. They have written to my mortgage company and have asked them to pay it, but I've told the mortgage company that I'm in dispute with the figures and that I've offered to pay over a ten month period to which they were fine with. The DCA have emailed me now saying that they will prepare the court papers and take me to court if they do not receive payment after 4PM today, I have a nice long email chain with me explaining that I am willing to pay the so called debt, not including their over inflated fees. I do not feel that this is a debt considering its only march, and the costs are for the remainder of the year for ground rent, basically for work that has not even been done as of yet - we are also trying to get rid of the management agent from the site as they are rather useless. I don't know whether to accept their 6 month's and just take a hit for those six months, or stand my ground and let them take me to court? Thanks for any help. Regards
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