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  1. Kids dad just phoned me back. He wants to buy her the bed for a present and insists I pay him nothing in return. She should have it within the week, he and new partner will go and get an orthopaedic bed ordered tonight. He also called me a silly moo for thinking of getting credit to buy it in the first place!!!!! Talk about a busy hour. Should thank you provvy for pushing me to talk to my ex. He says you are **** too but lucky for me he has a very good credit score that wouldn't lower itself to using you. Shame those who do need to use you are messed around so badl
  2. They didn't like me pointing our it was a little sniffy to refer to a card that it was obvious they would refuse to refer back to provident for an amount had already said was not enough. I consider this a silly near miss opted for rather than contacting my ex. THANKS VANQUIS AND PROVIDENT FOR SHOWING ME HOW DODGY YOU APPEAR TO BE ONCE MORE. ITS NOT A MATTER OF BEING UPSET AT REFUSED, MORE OF BEING MISLED TO THINKING WAS ACCEPTED TO BE LET DOWN ONCE MORE.
  3. Rang provident 0800 number out of interest as last time the man turned up offering half what wanted. So I tell her what happened last time and that I would just like to be reassured it was 500.00 the rep would come with. Guess what? From getting message saying accepted. I am suddenly declined. So I once again say to a provident rep, remove me from you mailing list as you are time wasters and I dont want any more offers to reapply and she says it is done. Is there more to this, when ringing up I had to go through all the questions asked on line and wonder wether the
  4. Thank you, so I am right. The need for them to deny information has been past between the two when just originally trying to get them to remove my details, makes it appear very dodgy added to the we are nothing to do with vanquis. There is no need for it.
  5. I know they charge a high rate, but have used them before and successfully paid off previous loan of 500.00, so I just couldnt understand as my situation was the same, why they were offering me less, then to apply for credit card, to encourage me to apply back with provident for the ammount I requested in the first place. Different companies I could understand, but after reading other threads I am assuming I am correct in that they are linked. So they either want to lend me 500.00 or dont, but please stop messing me about, I am a good payer.
  6. I have been told by provident that they are not linked to vanquis rather snottily. Also that the only link between the two is that the provident offer a product supported by vanquis like a lot of companies do she said. Reason I am posting this is I did a little test re something that happened a few months ago. Provident offered me an instant loan, but as it was not for the agreed amount I declined, basically I couldn't do what I needed to do. Needed new bed for daughter. They seemed rather suprised I declined the lower offer, I had asked for 500.00 to get her an orthopae
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