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  1. I have been a victim of Capquest over many years. They have abused my colleagues at work, left details for me to call back that could compromise my job, perpetually barraged me with calls day and night and verbally abused me on the phone, not to mention them actually having the nerve to ring up my next door neighbours asking if I still live here! my neighbours are in their 80's and frail but after a 1471 call from their phone up popped the usuall call centre number for Capquest. I have more paper work from them and their allleged solicitors, baillifs, door step callers than my recycle bin has room for! As for the HL legal team, they actually ran out of the green ink headed logo once and just sent me a black and white photocopy....very legit and proffessional I must say. Two years ago they sent me a letter saying they were going to file and serve me with papers for bankcruptcy within 28 days, it never happened ( as I suspected it wouldn't as I asked for a deed of assignment and that didn't happen either, appart from a photocopy of my original agreement for a paid up loan ... with Capquest scribbled on the bottom in a marker pen...surprise surprise....making me bankrupt would mean I paid them zilch anyway ) One year later...May 2010 I got a letter stating that they had evaluated my financial assets and knew the value of my house! Well I am sure the Council would like to know what value they put on their property seeing as I have been a tenant for 5 years and 3 months ahem! As a result of all this I dug a little deeper as a self detective. Hl Legal, Scott Call etc etc.....one of the same.....Crapquest company...as for the value of my property... I discover that my family home that I sold in divorce proceedings for £124,000 back in 2004/05 was resold in 2007/08 for £154,000 .... exactly the figure they quoted in the letter. I decided then to find out how they knew that. So I asked for my credit file and low and behold it showed my old family home on there as being resold for that amount. My mind then began to get alarm bells ringing! Strange thing also is that Capquest didn't appear on my credit file though even though they told me they had filed for bankruptcy! I started to check online forums and discovered that people that had small debts, CCJ's, defaults etc and which had been discharged were all the victims of their nasty ways and there seems to be a connection between Capquest and a Credit Reference Agency, like someone has a finger in both pies and they are getting a lot of information from one source then using it to extract monies from people. Capquest are a company working out of the UK America and South Africa.... They use a SA based operation called Telogram to make their contact... telling you there is a parcel or message for you...more intimidation! Well I got wise early on. Changed my Sim card, my landline, bank details and threatened them with the Data Protection Act and Telecommunications Act. They have written to me twice since last summer 2010 and they have done nothing because they don't have a leg to stand on. I was a victim of domestic violence and I have 2 children to care for...... these characters are worse as they attempt to break your heart and soul but they are small potatoes to me after the battles I have fought to be where I am today. The main things are....Do not speak to them on the phone at all....just ignore them. Only correspond via post x
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