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  1. Just called tax credits and told them of change of circumstances. My husband has gone abroad to work and obviously wanted to make them aware so they can stop my claim and hopefully no overpayment. The lady said there was no information to give apart from it can take up to 13 wks to sort out. Will they stop my payments? I really hope so. Cant be doing with overpayments.
  2. Some expert advise needed if possible. My mum,a pensioner, purchased a car mid April. Did not have alot of money but did have a part ex. She purchased a car with lots of history, stamps etc and very low mileage. Thought she was on to a winner. Turns out the car started severely overheating, when she took it back they diagnosed it with being the head gasket. Feel really bad that this has happened to her as making decisions about cars can be really stressful for her.She is classed as disabled and needed to buy an automatic just to make things slightly easier. When she took the car back they said, we never give out warranty with a car less than £1000 so if you pay us another £400 we will sort the gasket and call it quits. Upon speaking directly to the guy who will be fixing it she has now found out that it has already had a new gasket and something about how he can fix it again but some disk's may slip so will probably need redoing in the future?? The dealer has now offered if she pays him £400 he will give her another car,4 yrs older than the original one, broken sun roof etc which she really is not happy about taking, i dont blame her. My questions are... Should all second hand cars come with a certain amount of MOT etc, her has less than nine months? Is she entitled to a full refund of the car or are they legally allowed to not give any warranty. Should he really be making her part with more money to get a different vehicle? Can he claim for anything from her as hes apparently told her he had her part ex back for work on it? My mum is clearly stressed with all of this and has spoken to Citizens Advice etc only to have a long winded conversation asking what nationality she was to then be told she needs to write a letter. Any advice would be great about what a letter should state. At this moment in time she has not parted with any more money. She really does not want to cause anyone trouble she just wants a vehicle that should be fit to drive. Many thanks
  3. Anyone had any problems with fuel from tesco? Apparently i am the 4th person to breakdown and also had purchased my fuel from tesco. Awaiting correct diagnosis until i write complaint! Just wondering if anyone else has had problems.
  4. apparently a leak coming from Cylinder head gasket? They thoroughly cleaned everything down, was not the turbo or oil feed pipe. How does that sound to you?
  5. i did have a mechanic tell me exactly the same, but i do not want to go to the garage tomorrow and get told something totally different. I feel so much better now Thanks
  6. Recently had a New turbo fitted,Renault Scenic 1.5 diesel Feb this year.Havng major problems with oil consumption and now loss of power. Since having it done i have been hearing a whistling noise,never hear before turbo change. Is it likely that the new turbo is failing or is it just coincidence and it is something else? The car is going straight to the garage in the morning.Any advise would be great as im not at all convinced this is not connected. Many thanks
  7. I have just emailed a contact at AFF,hopefully they will be able to shed some light. Not only that,they may be able to do an article in the magazine for families in the forces. Thanks guys.
  8. Thank you so much stu007. Very helpful links.
  9. Thanks for that. Be good if Tax credits could tell me this.
  10. Can you explain a bit more please?
  11. Just spoke to the Tax office, he said not to take his word for it but he thinks its Taxable income they take into account. Why is it, you contact the people who should know and they dont. I was told by Tax credits to just "Put it on annual declaration". Seems daft that nobody knows.
  12. It just says Special Capital Payment! Thanks for help so far.
  13. My husband has been made redundant from the Armed Forces. His payment for redundancy was above 30K,this was all TAX FREE!!! Can anyone tell me how much of this should be declared to tax credits,if any of it should be? This was a tax free lump some,no pensions etc until 65. We are currently not claiming any benefits and are living off this money.
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