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  1. Thank you so much for the advice re. the check. I wanted to be sure that we were in the right to do this. The car is a Volvo V40 - W reg. I *think* it's engine/gearbox oil that's leaking. He told me when I took it back initially that it would be the something shaft - said that it was a common problem and they were noitorious for being difficult to get back in right. The first RAC patrol who attended noted that there was A LOT of grease under the car - more than would be normally necessary and he didn't know why there would be. The leak is much less after he took it back, but the major conc
  2. Good evening, I'm hoping someone can provide me with the right course of action to take.... Last week I took my car to a very small garage (more like a bloke in a workshop) to have my clutch repaired. We werent sure exactly what work needed doing, but the mechanic informed us he would sort it out and worst case we were looking at a bill for £350 for an entire new clutch. Low and behold, it WAS worst case and some hours later I received the car, my old clutch and a bill for £347. The next day I noticed an oil leak. My husband contacted the mechanic who said he would of cours
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