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  1. Hi All, Thanks for your input, I am putting things into the pipeline this week, also notify the press and my MP. I am also challenging the DVLA for breach of my data.
  2. Hi Sorry for posting on wrong thread. They have not paid within time stated on Court Order. Court Order Costs. VCS.pdf
  3. Ok I will do, as soon as I am able. I will put court order on line. The case was heard on the 24th October 19. Costs awarded £103 to be paid within 14 days. Thanks.
  4. These people have not paid cost as per Court judgement/Order any advice. thanks.
  5. Hi, I have only got SAR back, they have not given me a settlement figure as of yet. I will contact them again. The cost to replace my bike with same spec, age, condition £3700. i wanted them to repair bike, but they are saying it was a write off, not interested in the damage caused, whilst was in their hands.
  6. Hi again, I can’t seem to get this resolved. I am thinking off sending a letter before action to Bikesure as I see no way to move this issue forward, any advice?
  7. Hi everyone. I just like to put down a few pointers for people who get PCN/Card on windscreen residential . (KEEP CARD). It may cover other areas. I am not trying to teach anyone to suck eggs but here goes. 1. Got back to car ticket on screen, don't remove it take pict of position. 2. Take pict of all signs in the immediate area to you car. If the nearest one is X meters away take picture. More important if it is dusk or going dark. 3. If sign is not near you car, measure the distance in steps from your car to sign. Then go back when convenient with friend and tape measure, get photos of this activity. 4. Try and take pict of each sign in location, if sign is on fence with car obstructing view, take picture. Points raised by Judge. 1. The Judge picked up on a point in my case on the windscreen ticket/card, they had stuck it under the wiper which is under the bonnet, he could not see it in their picts, so asked VCS rep, "if I cant see it in you picture how could the defendant"? 2. Judge asked for pictures from VCS, that were near car? VCS could not answer. 3. The Judge asked "what in distance was the nearest sign to defendants car"? VCS could not answer. I was able to tell Judge the exact distance 23 meters, I had measured the distance and had pictures for proof. 4. VCS rep tried to say one off the pictures was in location it was not. We had proof in pictures off the layout of signs. If they issue a layout of the carpark with phantom signs. GO AND CHECK I BET A £100 POUNDS THAT IT WILL BE NOT AS THEY SAY AND I A SCOTSMAN Hope this helps.
  8. Hi ericsbrother, Thank you for your help, you were spot on about signage. i asked the Judge if he could be there, but if he could or couldn’t , the bottom feeder got same message. I got impression Judge had been down this culdesac before with these people.
  9. Thank-you to all on this site that helped me you, don't realise how much it helped I was going to chuck it in at times, so thank again. And thank you for this wonderful site.
  10. A Mr McFarlane, he was a Solicitors Agent, asked Judge if he had Right of Attendance? judge said yes, left it there. Nice Chap. I just point out that they did not have the person who signed witness statement, told Bod I would raise it with Judge, he said Judge knew, not happy. Anyway thats what they get for messing with the Black Watch (RHR) Cheers.
  11. Hi Yes they did brassnecked. I will try and get transcript if available. The Judge got straight into their rep. He told him quite a few detailed and technical points in defence, thanked me for index and detailed bundle. The judge said few points to deal with on signage first. (a) Is the signage clear and easy for an everyday driver to see and understand? Nearest sign 23 meters from car, luckily had picture measuring it in WS (b) Does the signage form a contract with driver? (c) Is the sign in close enough proximity to the car? Then he said no point going through other signage points. No to all 3 points, case dismissed.
  12. Hi all, Just got back in VICTORY claim dismissed, did not have to say a word. The judge said many points to get through. Then asked their rep, where is the nearest signage to vehicle and where is it on your pictures, site diagram. He could not answer, case dismissed. Thanks.
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