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  1. Just a quick update. I sent my acceptance form to Welcome for my second loan on 6th June using the pre paid envelopeWelcome supplied. I chased this up with a phone call (18.06.2012) to make sure they had received it and was told they had received my letter on 11th June but it could take up to 30 working days for money to show up in my account. Funnily enough a day after chasing them up via phone the money was in my account. All in all not too bad an experience with Welcome but I do get the impression they don't really do anything unless you chase them, which I suppose is to be expected. Anyway I have now just sent off my PPI claim for my first loan (didn't want to do this until they had paid out my other claim in case it jeopardised anything) and hopefully this will go ok too.
  2. Sorry, only just been able to get back online. Yes definitely had PPI on the 1st loan also. Have had a look at their offer and the info and spreadsheets you mention in your signature (which are absolutely brill by the way) and I can see that the offer from Welcome is purely for the second loan I had with them and it looks all ok. They actually sent me a letter and also an explanation of compensation calculation which made it a bit easier as I could see where they got their figures from. I am going to accept the offer from Welcome for the second loan I had with them and then send in a new PPI claim for the first loan in a separate envelope. Will let you know how it all goes. Thanks very much for the help, much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply ims21. Yes, the second loan paid off the first loan and gave me a bit more money as needed it at the time. The reason I asked the initial question was because of the following paragraph in the offer letter I received from Welcome: " In order to consider the financial impact of the Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) policies that you may have purchased on previous loan agreements, we have investigated all agreements that you have previously entered into with Welcome Financial Services Ltd." This just confused me into thinking they have already looked at my first loan or is this just standard stuff they put in all offer letters as there is no mention of the first loan anywhere else in their letter.
  4. Hi Guys, Hope you might be able to help. I took out two loans with Welcome in 2003 and 2004. I did a PPI reclaim on the second loan (2004) I had with them first (not sure why I did it this way) and have recently received an offer from Welcome for this. Am I still able to go ahead with a PPI reclaim for my first loan I had with Welcome without this jeopardising the offer they have just made on my second loan? They are two separate account numbers as far as I am aware. Many thanks in advance. Skinch77
  5. Wahey.....nice one mate..well chuffed for you...take it this means a HAPPY NEW YEAR then??? I took my letter to the courts as it was quicker than posting it as I live 5 mins away and the AQ deadline was 31st Dec. The guy at the courts said it would have been ok to phone them and then they would have made a note that settlement had been reached and allowed me to send the letter at a later date..sorry if this advice is a bit late....looks like it is all sorted with the advice above anyway... Once again WELL DONE YOU...my wife says WELL DONE as well..we were both keeping an eye on your thread... Martin.
  6. Hi mate, so so gutted you have not got a full offer yet. As everyone says though, the money you pay out for the AQ will get added to your claim so you will not be out of pocket in the long run...stick with it mate..I am positive it will not be long now...will keep checking on your post....laters. Martin.
  7. Hi mate...can you check on royal mail website ,if you sent it recorded delivery you can trace it there.. I bet they have got it and you will get the offer letter either tomorrow or Monday...I know it's not easy waiting but sit tight and remember not too long now, nearly there...fingers crossed for you...
  8. Thanks Bong...will do as you say....will fax the acceptance over right away...thanks again.....
  9. FULL OFFER RECEIVED TODAY....wahey.....am just about to fax back my acceptance..am worried that DG said it would still take 7 days for money to reach my account. Is there any way I can speed up this process..as far as I am aware it is just a direct transfer into my account....also what do I do now in regards to the courts as I received an AQ yesterday? Do I call them and tell them I have accepted settlement in full? Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. No problem...don't worry... not long to go now....
  11. Hi, I called the lady who had asked for my breakdown of charges,her name was on the letter, a Miss R Tomlinson... just asked if she had got my breakdown of charges and then she did most of the talking saying yes and we have sent a letter to you . I asked what the letter was and was told it was an offer although she did not say how much for ...one thing that did concern me was when I asked how long it would take for the money to get to my account (just in case the offer was for full amount and I accepted by Fax)...I was told it would take 7 days....I was hoping it could be done quicker.....do not worry about phoning DG they are ok really..if you need the number let me know...oh and they have always rang me back if I have had to leave a message, even calling my mobile... Thanks Martin.
  12. Have received AQ today from court but have also spoken to DG solicitors who said there is an offer in the post and I should receive that tomorrow. Am putting off sending back AQ hoping that the offer is for full amount when it arrives. Postman never gets to mine until 10.30am and am thinking of going out early to look for him....
  13. Hi boXXer, Definitely recommend giving DG a call tomorrow... I am in very same position as you, well sort of. I received my AQ today but had already been asked for breakdown of charges and sent them to DG on Tuesday by fax and a copy by Royal Mail special delivery. Today I rang DG just to make sure they had got the breakdown (knowing they had) and the very nice lady said yes we have and there is an offer letter on its way to me so I should be getting that tomorrow. My guess is when you ring tomorrow you will be told the same. GOOD LUCK mate. Martin.
  14. Thank you!!! I think the closer I get the more I am begin to doubt myself Do not want to do anything silly now and delay things!!!!!
  15. Hi all, Well HSBC acknowledged very shortly after I filed my MCOL....and on Friday I received a letter from DG solicitors requesting a breakdown of charges. I was getting worried as I thought an AQ may arrive first...Anyway I am sending my breakdown of charges by fax tomorrow with a covering letter and also by Royal Mail recorded delivery...is this necessary or will the fax copy followed by a call to the contact mentioned on the letter from DG to make sure they have got it be enough? Also am I correct in thinking that the breakdown of charges I send to DG must include the 8% interest as HSBC have never received this set of charges as it could not be added to the MCOL and I have not received an AQ yet? Cheers for any help.
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