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  1. Thanks, I am ready to file the set aside, I let you know the outcome.
  2. Thank you Ford, Thank you Nicklea. Just to clarify The Stat Demand is to be paid immediately. Would it change anything? And one more question to ask: The Creditor applied Statutory interest pursuant to section 69 County Court Acts1984 accrued at the rate £2.57 from date of CCJ. Can they do that? Thanks in advance.
  3. County Court assest my income and expediture and issued Attachment of Earning Order to pay monthly!
  4. I incurred my debt as legal costs for divorce. Last week I received Statutory Demand through the letterbox, which I am going to set aside. Would the following evidence be considered sufficient to set aside the Stat Demand? 1. During divorce proceding I paid £10,000 to solicitors. 2. They gave up my case unfinished and requested further £11,000. They have CCJ against me and I am paying monthly £90.0 with no failuire and intend to pay further. Appreciate your help!
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