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  1. Pay? Where did I say I was paying it? My question was if they have no paperwork there cant be a default can there? It's my last debt and will be statute barred in another 12 months.
  2. Hiya Guys I have a case with Lowell for just under 16 grand. The details of which are as follows 1. They placed a default on my credit file for this and then I didn't hear from them for 4 years 2. They then started sending letters to my mums (I live in Switz) 3. I sent them a CCA request from my Swiss address. 4. They finally responded to that request after over 6 weeks saying that Barlcays cannot find the account in their archive and they are putting my account on hold. They sent the reply letter to my Swiss address so they have finally got hat through their heads that I dont live in the UK. So I take that to mean there is no paperwork then. Can I based on that get them to remove the default then? Will they ever find the paperwork or is it gone? Why would they buy debts without paperwork? Cheers
  3. Hiya What would be their options to pursue? County Court? I am guessing statute barred rules apply euqally here?
  4. Ok thanks. What do I do then? What are my options?
  5. Hiya Brigadier The original Creditor was GE Money Bank but on the letter they are saying it's Cembra money bank AG.
  6. That was not my question. It's a foreign debt not a UK debt so does not fall under UK law. So can they legally chase it here in the UK was my question.
  7. Hiya Yes 60k outstanding Creditor was GE Credit in Switzerland Yes had a letter but to an old address Debt is 3 years old now coming on 4 Cheers
  8. Hiya 60 grand unsecured from over 3 years ago. Cheers
  9. Hi Guys I have just received a letter (redirected from an old UK address of mine) from EOS debt collection agency stating they are chasing a debt on behalf of a Swiss client of theirs. My questions are 1. Should I ignore it? 2. Can I be pursued in the UK by a UK debt collection agency for a foriegn (Swiss) debt? Cheers
  10. Costs? What costs could I claim and who with? You know I am still suspsicious of this. I sent the claim forms back to Salford so how would Shoomsiths get hold of them? Do the court send them on to the solicitors? Cheers
  11. So I have an update. Today I recieved a letter from Shoosmiths stating For commercial reasons we have been instructed to discontinue our clients claim against you. We therefore enclose by way of service on you a notice of discontinuance which we have today lodged with county court claims centre CCMCC Nice
  12. Hi Guys Thanks for all your help. I have written it as you said and posted it today. Sent it recorded and took pictures of all the docs too. Cheers
  13. I have filled it all out and will send it by post. Still dont understand that language though If which is denied. Why or what would the claimant deny?
  14. Ok cool thanks but I dont udnerstand how this is written? 1 The Claimant's claim was issued on (date). 2 The Defendant contends that the Claimant's claim so issued is a claim in contract and is statute barred pursuant to the provisions of section 5 of the Limitation Act 1980. If, which is denied, the claimant contends that the Defendant is in breach of the alleged contract, in excess of years have elapsed since the date on which any cause of action for breach accrued for the benefit of the Claimant. 3 The Claimant's claim to be entitled to payment of £x or any other sum, or relief of any kind is denied. I BELIEVE THAT THE CONTENTS OF THIS DEFENCE ARE TRUE. Signed: Dated: That sentance does nto make sense to me. Do I insert years into there as in 6 or something?
  15. Hi Guys Thanks for your help. Questions. 1. Do I write the above on asheet of paper and sign it and send to the court or do I fill out the whole court papers and write that in the box provided? 2. Do I bother to explain that they were in breach with me or not bother? Cheers Soul
  16. God knows. Sometime in 2005 I guess. Certainly not after the repossesion. Never have I ack the debt. They breached contract by not providing a valid tax disc for the vehicle and this is because they could not find the MOT at the time. Cheers..
  17. Its says Monies due under a Consumer Hire Agreement dated 04/12/2003. The Claimant seeks a Money Judgement for £6915.41 plus costs and interest against the defendant. The Claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the pre-action conduct practice direction 1. On 8th August 2011 the Claimant chnaged its registered name from Duncton No 1 Ltd to Moneybarn No 1 Limited 2. The Claimant let a vehicle to the defendant under a hire purchase agreement 3. The defendant failed to pay installments due and repudiated the agreement. The claimant accepted the repudiation and terminated the agreement on 25th August 2005. The claimant subsequently repossesed and sold the vehicle 4. The claim is for the balance due under the agreement, alternaticly damages. 5. Agreement date 4th October 2003 Total amount payable £17.055.30 Total paid £ 10.139.89 Total claim £6.915.41 6. The claimant claims statutory interest at 8% annum from 4th December 2006 to date in sum of £3.865.05 and further £1.52 per day until payment The claimant has complied as far as is necessary with the pre-action conduct practice direction. Cheers Soul
  18. Hiya Slick 1. When was the CCJ issued by the court and does it have a court seal on the copy sent to you. I dont know when it was issued but it has a date of service as Dec6th There is a Northampton Seal on the paperwork There is a lable with a bar code on the paperwork 2. Has your home address changed since the dispute first started. Yes many times as i live and work all over the world. 3. Is your home address shown on the CCJ. No the address it was sent to is my mates address 4. Who sent you these papers. Did they come from the CCMCC office, or from the solicitors. The papers came from Salford CCMC 5. Have you had any contact recently either with the court offices or with the sol'rs. None whatsoever Cheers Soul
  19. Hiya There is a photocopied claim form A bunch of photocopied original agreement forms A response pack also photocopied The vehicle was given back and then sold by them on 25/08/05 so as far as I am concerned its statute barred. What do I do please? Cheers
  20. Hi Guys Way back on 4th of October 2003 I had a Mitsubishi L200 from Duncton. I paid 10k of a 17k lease but gave the vehicle back after duncton failed to provide me with a tax disc as part of the agreement. They could not provide a tax disc at the time because they could not find the MOT and I suspected I had been driving it illegally. Over the years they have occasionaly sent me letters claiming I owe them 6k of the remaining lease all of which I have ignored. Today I recieved a load of photocopied papers that were sent from Salford County Court Money Claims Centre. If you receive a real county court judgement don't they send you out the papers fom the county court and don't they send originals? The claimants solictors on the forms is Shoosmiths and he is a trainee. Is any of this real? I checked out whois for moneyclaims.co.uk and it was first registered on 20th March 2012. This is the address 96, Town Gate Wyke Bradford BD12 9JB United Kingdom Not only that but surely this is statute barred anyway after over 10 years? Cheers for your help
  21. Is that true that your old county court judgements stay with you forever? Can these be sold on or only pursued again by the original raiser of the CCJ? Cheers
  22. I tend to agree but then I need to know if I do that and they DO proceed with a statutary demand or whatever it's called can I halt that process even at the last moment with an offer to pay? Cheers
  23. Ahhhh. So do you think I should just email him a copy of my Swiss work permit so he knows its waste of time pursuing me UK side. Also do you know if you can halt a bankruptcy once its started? And what should I offer for FFS on 11k? 10%? Cheers
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