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  1. Pay? Where did I say I was paying it? My question was if they have no paperwork there cant be a default can there? It's my last debt and will be statute barred in another 12 months.
  2. Hiya Guys I have a case with Lowell for just under 16 grand. The details of which are as follows 1. They placed a default on my credit file for this and then I didn't hear from them for 4 years 2. They then started sending letters to my mums (I live in Switz) 3. I sent them a CCA request from my Swiss address. 4. They finally responded to that request after over 6 weeks saying that Barlcays cannot find the account in their archive and they are putting my account on hold. They sent the reply letter to my Swiss address so they have finally got hat through their heads that I dont live in the UK. So I take that to mean there is no paperwork then. Can I based on that get them to remove the default then? Will they ever find the paperwork or is it gone? Why would they buy debts without paperwork? Cheers
  3. Hiya What would be their options to pursue? County Court? I am guessing statute barred rules apply euqally here?
  4. Ok thanks. What do I do then? What are my options?
  5. Hiya Brigadier The original Creditor was GE Money Bank but on the letter they are saying it's Cembra money bank AG.
  6. That was not my question. It's a foreign debt not a UK debt so does not fall under UK law. So can they legally chase it here in the UK was my question.
  7. Hiya Yes 60k outstanding Creditor was GE Credit in Switzerland Yes had a letter but to an old address Debt is 3 years old now coming on 4 Cheers
  8. Hiya 60 grand unsecured from over 3 years ago. Cheers
  9. Hi Guys I have just received a letter (redirected from an old UK address of mine) from EOS debt collection agency stating they are chasing a debt on behalf of a Swiss client of theirs. My questions are 1. Should I ignore it? 2. Can I be pursued in the UK by a UK debt collection agency for a foriegn (Swiss) debt? Cheers
  10. Costs? What costs could I claim and who with? You know I am still suspsicious of this. I sent the claim forms back to Salford so how would Shoomsiths get hold of them? Do the court send them on to the solicitors? Cheers
  11. So I have an update. Today I recieved a letter from Shoosmiths stating For commercial reasons we have been instructed to discontinue our clients claim against you. We therefore enclose by way of service on you a notice of discontinuance which we have today lodged with county court claims centre CCMCC Nice
  12. Hi Guys Thanks for all your help. I have written it as you said and posted it today. Sent it recorded and took pictures of all the docs too. Cheers
  13. I have filled it all out and will send it by post. Still dont understand that language though If which is denied. Why or what would the claimant deny?
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