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  1. Thanks for your responses guys, as usual very helpful. I will put together a letter and fire it off this week. If I want to put together some complaint letters where is the best place to start? Are Steven Drake acting illegally, Credit corp obviously were.....should I be putting in complaints against Steven Drake and Credit Corp? Any other advice or recomendations welcome.....Thanks
  2. Hi Credit Corptrouble. Hope you are well, I sent a letter back to Steven Drake stating they do require a licence and re sent the NSW police letter stating credit corp did not hold a licence.Steven drake came back with…..Credit corp are not continuing to carry on with debit collection activity on behalf of others as it is their debt…..am I right in it is still a purchased Debt so they do need a licence…..They also said the NSW police letter is irrelevant as I was in Western Australia not NSW.What would you advise I send back. What are your thoughts on the fact I was in Western Australia.The corresponance is getting very tedious, I say they they need a licence and send evidence they say they dont..they dont really give any more info at all....As usual many thanks in advance.
  3. Should I make a complaint of some description. Can a debt collection agency persue a debt knowing that they are not licenced to do so. I would imagine there are some people out there that are not aware of such requirements and may be falsely lead into some kind of negotiation. Does this not fall into deception..........Are there people out there that have settled a debt that they should not have, in these cases can these people attempt to claim back !!!The banks are handing back cash to customers that were miss sold financial products....Maybe the unlicensed debt collection agencies should be digging into their pockets.... If I wish to make a complaint who should I complain to........Thanks............
  4. Thanks guys, I will send out the next letter in a couple of days highlighting these points......Is there anything else I should be doing ? As usual all the advice has been extremely useful.
  5. Hi, I received a letter from saying "our client has stated that the debt collection activity requiring a licence is activity on behalf of others. This is their own debt and so no licence would be necessary......??????what do ya reckon should be the next move????? very little else in the letter. As usual thanks in advance.......
  6. Hi Creditcorptrouble, I hope yoy are well. I received the notice of assingment today from Steven Drake dated Dec 2006 and Jan 2007, were they licenced back then? Iv'e emailed over the letter and notice of assignment. The cover letter was a bit vague. Could you take a look and let me know what my next move should be. As usual I thank you in advance you've been a great help. I have only ever received copies and never origianls.
  7. Hi Creditcorp trouble, many thanks again for your fast response. I will send out a letter tomorrow requesting the information (assignment etc). I will let you know when I receive a response if thats o.k. Your help is much appreciated.....Cheers.
  8. Hi Cerberusalert, Creditcorp trouble and anyone who can help.I started this thred on 19th March as I received a letter form Steven Drake. I sent out the standard "I/we would point out that I/we have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to credit corp".I have recently received Copy of statements and letter "We await your payment proposal within 7 days" but not much else in the letter.As mentioned before I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Credit Corp.Now that I have received this recent letter could you please advise what the best course of action is.As usual I thank you in advance for your time and appreciate any information you have.Cheers.
  9. Hi, I received a letter encloseing an agreement for a personal loan and a on line credit card application. No idea what this online application is I didn't even have a computer in oz. They have said they will send statements in due course?? I asume I don't need to respond to this. By the way if in the future I need to send a message privatley so is cant be seen how do I do that....again Many thanks...Ive been doing a lot of reading recently and some very interesting stuff on this site.
  10. Hi Cerberusalert, Many thanks for such a fast response. I was in Western OZ not the northern territory where I think it's 3 years for SB. They are contacting me through Steven Drake in the UK. I will send off the letter today. At the moment I have no other information pertaining to the alledged debt?? I will let you know when I get a response if that o.k with you. Once again many thanks, its a horrible feeling with this always in the back of your mind and this site really helps me sleep at night....thanks.
  11. Hi All, firstly sorry for busting in on the thread but my situation is practically the same. I would like to say that I think I would be lost without the information provided on this site....so many thanks. I left OZ (WA) 5 years ago and recently received a letter saying I owe about $40k ??Just got the "give 7 days notice intending to issue legal proceedings to obtain CCJ for charging order against property" Quick question do you think I should respond to this letter with the standard "I would point out that I have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Credit Corp" or should I ignore the letter and see if anything else arrives, would this cause more problems or will responding cause more problems? I have never received any information at all...i.e notice of assignment, section 80 letter or any paperwork at all and have never acknowledged anything. I know I have a year on 13 months ish before it would be statute bared but any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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