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  1. Thank you both for your reply.I am still confused as they said they had worked it out on business lnk calculator 'Regarding your holidays I have been onto the Business lInk holiday calculator to clarify these. Annual leave is worked out by how many days you work over an average period, so in your case your will be working an average 3.5 days per week over 12weeks which entitles you to a holiday calculation of 3.5 x5.6 weeks this equals 20 paid days off. If you work it out any differently you work only be working 20.4 weeks per year!!!' but it seems unfair as i'm working 91 hrs per w
  2. Hi Please can anyone help with this . I am due to start a new job working 6.30pm - 9.30am 7 days on, 7 days off in a vet practice.The shift is 15 hours with a 2 hour unpaid break in middle.In the contract received it says working 91 hours in one week then get following week off.I have in contract that my holiday entitlement per year is 20 days including public holidays . I always thought it was 28 days.I asked to check as wasn't sure and employer said entitled to 20 days incl public holidays.Please can someone tell me if this is correct.Also if I took holidays off do I get 2 weeks off fo
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