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  1. Thank you for your post thebeyond, I didn't receive any 14 day notice, because I have moved around. So is it still valid if they sent a such letter but I haven't received it? How do I explain them that even if I would pay it would be only my share of the bill?
  2. Hello everyone, Recently I have received a coucil tax notice from the southhwark council from 2006 amount is £200. Then received another bill for my name and the other tenants name the amount of £500 in total. Now I have received a Bailiff notice demanding £500. I never received any court order or letters before, usually I rent studios with all bills inc. so it was never a headache for me. I'm really new to this and don't know what to do. I have emailed the council with the ref saying I was a sub tenant renting a room at that time. Lived there for 8 months only and the utility bill should be paid by the landlord. The landlord was my employer as well and used to take the rent from my wage directly. I just don't know what shall I do? Some documents are lost due to moving around. So how can I prove that it was not only me who should pay the council tax? Please I would appreciate any advices.
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