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  1. Hi All, I need some help and advice if anybody can help......I have today (18/03/2011) received a letter from Fredrickson International saying that they are acting on behalf of AGGL and that I am supposed to owe AGGL £323.09.....Now I have no idea what soever who these companies are nor have I any idea what this debt is for......I did read a message on here that said Fredrickson or AGGL are dealing with alot of Orange mobile accounts, I rang Orange and explained what has happened especially has I have an Orange monthly contract but Orange have assured me that the letter has most definitely NOT been sent by them especially has I am upto date with my payments on that account....Now I dont really want to go ringing Fredrickson just to see what its all about incase i get too deep into something and not able to find a way out if you see what I mean BUT I am just abit worried has to what the debt might be for especially if an account or something has been opened in my name......HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers
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