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  1. Hi i received an emai to saying sorry for any inconvenice caused to you. Then went on to say please send us the proof of purchase when and where the laptop was purchase and we will be happt to snd a full refund to the campany and it is up to htme if they decide to give you a full refund for the laptop or not. We look forward to your reply. I relied i do not know what you are talking about what campany the latop was and still is MINE and i want my property back or a full refund. I dont understand what they ment why would they be talking about other companies there is no one else invlov
  2. Hi Martin yes the laptop we ordered last week was charged to the account as i said they took the credit back off us saying they could not find the item ordered on the account for there for was taken off. When the item was credited back to the account the statement simply said samsung laptop goods returned credit 699.99. I still have the statment.
  3. Hi i was wondering did you get any where with this problem littlewoods as this has happend to me too. Only the item that was sent back was a laptop and they refuse to send it back but gave us the credit or it on the account. But now a year down the line we did not spend it and they have taken it back sayin the item was not ordered on the account and there for was taken off. I emailed back and exlpained again but no reply. What do i do as we have now lost the laptop and the credit I NEED HELP I HAVE A YOUNG FAMILY AND CAN'T AFORD TO LOOSE THIS ITEM OF MONEY? aNT HELP WOULD BE MOST APPRECIATED T
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