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  1. Hello, I am looking for help! I used to work for [an employer] but I felt I had to leave the employment around 7 months ago after other members of staff started to spread vicious rumours that I was having an affair with the manager. This was not true and caused big problems at home with my partner! The employee that started spreading the rumours was given “standards”, which I think means a warning, so [the employer] should have record of this. I have recently received a red FINAL DEMAND letter from Daniels Silverman Limited demanding an amount of money to be paid b
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/features/travelodge-fines Travelodge: Smoking or non-smoking? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006mg74/features/travelodge-fines
  3. I have been to the CAB today and they were not much help!! AAM, what evidence did they say they had on you?
  4. there was no smoking in the room....while i was having a shower shave etc wife went down and had a ciggy outside the hotel front entrance?
  5. I think im going to have to book an appointment at the local CRB centre?
  6. Hello... Here is what the letter says now: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- We have discussed your correspindence with travelodge and as you were the booker of both the rooms you are liable for both claims. Travelodge have confirmed that when the rooms were cleaned there was a strong smell of cigarette smoke in both rooms. In addition to this there was a plastic bag placed over the smoke detector in one of the rooms. By your own admission your partner was smoking during the course of the night. The fact that your partner went outsi
  7. Hello everyone I wrote back to CRS to explain that i dont smoke, my wife smokes, but smoked outside the front door of hotel. I also said that i absolutly hate the smell of smoke, wife doesnt smoke in our house and wouldnt even think of smoking in hotel room. I also said that i have no idea what went on in the other room i booked for a friend as i didnt stay in there, but friend said he didnt smoke. I have received a letter back from CRS saying that have been in contact with travelodge who have said there was definatly smoking as the rooms smelt of smoke. I am liable for b
  8. The 0871 number is whats put me off phoning CRS to complain about it, I have phoned the hotel direct and they have said i need to deal with their civil recovery agent. I have searched google for smoking fine travelodge and smoking charge travelodge and found quite a few other people that have had the same problem after staying at a travelodge hotel, so i definately wont be booking another travelodge again in a hurry! Looks like i will have to phone their 0871 number on monday as was unable to find an alternative to 0871 288 3823 on saynoto0870. so, you think i should contact OFT
  9. i have tried pasting a link but says i cant until i have made 20 posts so here is the link..... flic.kr/p/9r71XP please add http to the beginning of this flic.kr/p/9r71XP
  10. I am having the same problem at the moment............ Just recieved a letter from travelodge stating they want £150 within 10 days My problem is that I booked 3 rooms, 2 for friends and I have two £150 bills! One in my name and one in their name I am a non smoker, so wasnt smoking in my room. I have no idea what happend in my friends rooms as i didnt stay in there. anyone know what i can do for the £150 fine in my room?
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