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  1. Hi Therefore I should insist on a full refund from Electrolux? The product showed faults whilst in warranty, and has continued to do so. Does the fact that the warranty expired affect these proceedings? I have contacted Electrolux, and they have been ULTRA - unhelpful, bordering on ignorant, "you've had a good 11 months use from the dishwasher" quoted by a supervisor. Its like a Mexican stand-off - " I would like the dishwasher replaced" - "We will not replace the dishwasher", and so on. Thanks for all your help, whoever posted the reply
  2. Hi Ive an AEG ELECTROLUX Dishwasher, bought in late January 2010. It stopped working in early January 2011 (in warranty), engineer fixed it (no charge), It developed a 2nd fault in mid January 2011 (in warranty), engineer fixed it (no charge again). It has developed a 3rd fault, all different, now out of warranty and Electrolux are refusing to replace it. A 14 month old dishwasher with a history of faults and they wont replace it. To make matters worse, Ive extended warranty but its for another named dishwasher, having bought the warranty only 5 weeks ago in good faith that it was for t
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