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  1. I'm not sure if my reply did appear...so here it is again... thanks for all the help. I will sit tight and ignore. I think with respect to the great British public, most of us writing on these sites for help are law-abiding citizens and therefore panic at the thought of having contravened some law..! So of course, one's initial reaction is either to defend it, appeal it or pay it (as my lawyer friend whom I had lunch with on that fated day did!).


    thanks again.


  2. Hi Sailor Sam

    Thank you for your quick reply! The issue with A is, the letter has been addressed to me (the keeper of the car) but more importantly, in my letters back, I DID say that it WAS me... dang... should I still continue to ignore them? I was on maternity leave with a 10 week old baby... I had to eat, shop, feed/change baby... under 2 hours?! MY MP wrote me back saying 'I hope you didn't pay it'!! (But I'm not sure how that would hold up in small claims - 'my MP told me not to pay...'..! )



  3. Hi there

    I received a parking fine from Parking Eye (Maybrook Retail Park in Canterbury) saying that I'd overstayed my 2 hour limit. This occured on 18th Jan. I was out of the country between 22Jan-20Feb (the letter arrived on the 23rd Jan - so my husband picked it up).


    I didn't realise that there was a 2 hour limit, but anyway I have received supporting letters from M&S (a store on that retail park) saying that I had indeed spent my money there etc) and in that letter, they said that they had an agreement with the landlord of that car park that genuine customers who'd overstayed there would have their parking fines overturned. (even in their original letter, Parking Eye said that in our appeals, we could send them supporting documents like receipts/bank statements - which we had and yet they have kept saying that our appeal has been unsuccessful...4 times!).


    I've spent the last 2 months battling this... do I have any hope of not paying the £120!?!?!?


    Please advise.

    Thank you...



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