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  1. Hi I had a not so great credit history but working hard to get it better. This month my last debt was removed from my credit report but I've noted that a company called Lowell Portfolio is constantly doing searches on me!! I've no outstanding debts on my credit report, some paid off & some statute barred so I have no idea why they keep coming up on these searches & am worried it'll go against me somehow. They look like this: Name: MISS *** Address: ***
  2. Ok great, thanks for the advice, will hold out for now!!
  3. Thanks silverfox! So do you know 'who' removes this, or is it system generated? If it doesn't dissapear in a month, should I go ahead & write in? As if the SB has applied then me writing in after 6 years won't affect my position, is that right? If however I have contacted them & not realised & they prove this, then I'll want to pay anyway to clear it - does that make sense?
  4. Hi - I am in the process of trying to clean up my credit report and now only have one debt outstanding. On experian it states that the company name who the debt is with, is Arrow Global Ltd. I had no idea who they were so have been doing some investigating and see that the debt was probably sold to them from the original creditor, but I'm not sure which one it is! I am embarrased to say I had quite a few which I have sorted out & just need to do that one. So I was just about to write to them to get more info and then discovered the statute barred act & noted that the account
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