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  1. Thanks for the replies. Yes I check my credit score weekly using the free Experian service and ClearScore as I have been really trying to improve my financial standing and wanting to correct past mistakes. Both credit cards are with Capitol One. One I've managed to keep up the minimum payments on most months but it does show late payments, the other is now defaulting. I have tried to explain my change in circumstances to them but it seems as though they don't fully read my letters and keep asking for proof of my own Ill health, which isn't an issue, it's the
  2. I'm seeking some advice on how to manage my current debts. My credit score hasn't been brilliant since making some silly decisions when younger, but I had been making large steps in improving my score and almost cleared the majority of my debts. Unfortunately over the past 6 months my partner has suffered with mental health issues (some of which manifest in a physical way and require her at times to have 24 hour care). Her illnesses cause her to be off work from two weeks up to over a month depending on the severity of the episodes. During these times I've either had to be
  3. Wescott passed on the debt to a new company, and not much in terms of satisfaction in regards to breach of data protection issues. Other than that, reached a comfortable repayment plan with new collection company, and apart from the constant harassment on a phone number not belonging to me with them trying to make me increase monthly repayment amounts, its going ok. Slowly but surely getting out of debt and feeling more confident about my financial situation
  4. It took some time but westcots finally replied to the letter i sent them, totally ignoring my questions as to why they disclosed personal data before being satisfied that I am in fact the debtor - but they did say we will investigate your queries about this account - as its now in dispute we will not contact you or try to collect the debt from you ect then three days after receiving that letter i get one from a solicitor acting on behalf of wescots demanding i pay in full within ten days or else further action will be taken. How should I respond to this?
  5. Well the head of council tax phoned back yesterday (conveniently at a time I told him I would be out) - but Im just about to try and get hold of him again and see what he has to say on the situation. The solicitor also tried to phone me when I was out and is calling me back as soon as hes in the office so maybe he has more information for me as well. Hopefully all these mistakes and blatant Vexatious and fraudulent actions from Rossendales will actually get them in trouble as I hate to think they are treating much more venerable people in this way.
  6. Just a quick update, the council have received my complaint have informed me they are investigating the situation. Rossendales finally told me what they required me to do in order to prove that it was not my bike in the first place, so I went and got a Statutory Declaration and sent it to them. Last frisday I got a letter from them saying they would not accept it as it was not on headed paper from the solicitor. Phoned the solicitor today whom informs me that a Stat Dec is not done on headed paper as it would mean they would need to do a full investigation into the case and would cos
  7. Apparently they cant provide me with a copy of the bailiff certificate as the bailiff carries it around with him. Oh and they have backtracked somewhat on their claims of actually taking the bike - they now say it was not taken just listed on the WPO. Still waiting to see how they reply to my Stat Dec - if they refuse this as proof of non ownership what would be the way to progress from that?
  8. Iv never actually noticed that before - maybe I should point this out to them after I get a reply from them in regards to the Stat Dec. Maybe I should also include this in my complaint to the council after they reply to my complaint I made yesterday
  9. I hope they are watching this thread - maybe sooner or later theyl realise there are many very knowledgeable people out their willing to help in situations and maybe force them to conduct business legitimately - then again prob not.....
  10. Crap - I sent the original but kept a copy - would a copy of the original and confirmation of the solicitor of my stat dec signing not be sufficient evidence if the turn up at the door? Also im aprox 240miles away from the original address for the summer but my father is still there. The only thing of value in that house of mine are speakers that I have sold to my stepfather and have a recipt for. Am I right in thinking - as they have never been inside the property they cant force their way in. Also they can only take what they listed on the WPO without first issuing a new levy?
  11. Thanks for the letter templates PT - I sent a complaint very simillar to the first one yesterday to the council - also outlining the conflicting dates and the obstructive nature of Rossendales and told them i require them to find out for me how to prove I do not own a bike, when I have no knoledge of a bike in the first place. Guess Il wait and see what comes of the Stat Dec to rossendales and the complaint to the council now. Thanks for all your help!
  12. The form was never left with me - its an email only copy. They claim they left one at the address but never did (prob because they never got into the address in the first place) The £110 is for the van yup council iv paid the council tax + summons fees - my account is closed with them. Rossendales I paid the visit fees - have receipt from online form from them. I just went and got a Stat Dec stating iv never owned a mountain bike, cost me £5 so no big loss and have sent them a copy recorded delivery - maybe this will force them to remove their levy
  13. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/98/53684781.jpg/ this is the only form I have from them regarding the bike - and thats all the info iv ever been given. Do I have to wait for the reply from the new Formal complaint before doing the Reg 46 Complaint?
  14. Thanks for the reply PT - no they did not recover a single penny themselves. and on what date did they levy and at that time did they leave a Notice of Seizure - the date of the WPO is 15/03 - the date of the levy/van fee is 16/03 although in another letter from them they say this all took place on one day. No notice of seizure was left just the WPO that I have an email copy of only. This was def not left at my address. Im waiting for a response from the council but rossendales are threatening to take further action and have said they wont wait for a response from the council regardi
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