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  1. Hi, I am not here to advise you but I have to say what an utterly horrible experience for you and I am genuinely thinking of you. People on here will help and advise they are great. Nobody is immune from this happening to them, it should be illegal, I always think..to whom the bell tolls.
  2. I have already printed it out and adapted it to my needs. I have had hell with my mortgage provider since they were first take over by Goverment intervention and unable to offer me a new mortgage product, so paying OTT interest rates, why should the people suffer because they over borrowed and over burdened people with irresponsible mortgage lending? Thanks for your help today it was very kind.
  3. Thank you, thats a GREAT help:-D The thousands they demand from me, its about time the tables were turned:lol:
  4. Thankyou slgsue, could you kindly let me know where I could get a template for the sar and exactly what I should ask for, e.g, should I make reference to charges on the account specifically? Thankyou in advance of your reply.
  5. I appreciate that the home reposession forum is prioritised for people in need now, however yesterday I had to go to court and saved my home for the 2nd time in 6 months from repossession by Northern Rock. My arrears are around 8k however I know that at least 5k are charges ranging from debt advice I NEVER received or asked for to Home insurance lumped on for extra good measure. Thanks to this forum, I confidently won my case easily so now need to get my charges back as my mortgage account never goes down . Can I telephone them and ask for the a breakdown of charges or should I just do a
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