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  1. Hi, The court told me that I couldn't use the N440 form as it's only meant for times of brief financial difficulty! I then rang Community Legal Services who said that if the Bill Of Sale was registered with the High Court the vehicle now legally belongs to Mobile Money. I enquired at the High Court and unfortunatley the BOS is registered. I have since given the car to MM who have sold it on and I have to say in their favour (I know it kills me to say anything in their favour) that they have sent me a cheque for £1500 which is the difference between my balance and what they sold the car for and
  2. Hi, The car is already well and truly hidden and I'm ringing the local court at 9am today. But until I get the paperwork sorted what do I say to them when they come knocking? Do I even speak to them or just smile sweetly from inside until I have the N440 sorted? Thanks for any advice given
  3. Hi, can anyone tell me where I stand? I have an agreement with MM which expired today. I was due to go and resign today but my baby was ill. I called them to rearrange for Monday but was told that I had until 6pm today to resign or 10am tomorrow to come up with the £4000 I initially borrowed having just paid £498 a month for 6 months which is interest!!! If by 10am tomorrow I haven't paid the 4k they say their coming to get the car. What do I do? Do they have to send me a default notice first? I need my car as I have 3 kids under 3 the youngest being just 9 weeks old. My husband is a
  4. I would be eternaly grateful if somebody would guide me through the next stage of my claim.
  5. oops sorry about the threads! I have to confess I'm terrified at the thought of issuing proceedings
  6. I am so confused I got all my statments from my online banking facility worked out all the charges and sent the prelim and schedule of charges recorded delivery. After 3 weeks I heard nothing so I sent the LBA again rec del. The following day I got a letter in the post saying the only way they can give me info on charges is via my statements which they would duly send me. I received all of these in the post today but am unsure what to do as I have already worked out my charges and sent 2 letters. They have a week left before the LBA deadline is reached. HELP!!
  7. I got all my copy statments from online banking and sent a prelim letter to my bank with a schedule of charges attached for their information. After waiting 3 weeks to ensure they had 14 clear working days to deal with my letter I hadn't heard anything so I then sent the LBA again attaching the charges sheet. Today I received a letter from them which reads : Thank you for your request with regard to information about charges and fees on your account for the last 6 years and please accept our aplologies for the delay in our response. We note you do not want copy statements, however
  8. It's a little bit daunting I thought although once I'd sent my first letter I couldn't help but feel pleased with myself. Please do keep me informed as to the stage of your claim as I will with you
  9. It's so nice to know there are so many people willing to help and advise when i need it. I guess I just need to play the waiting game now and see if they reply to the LBA
  10. I have only banked with HSBC for just over 2 years and during this time I felt their charges, totalling almost £1900, were unfair to say the least but had no idea they were unlawful. Sat eating my toast watching GMTV I heard them talking about people reclaiming charges so I of course turned up the volume. The advice given was fairly basic but after spending a few days readind anything and everything on this site I decided to go for it. I sent my prelim 3 weeks ago recorded delivery and today sent them the LBA. I waited 3 weeks as I felt it would give them 15 clear working days to respond.
  11. I read and re-read countless times all the info on the site. I followed the directions, send recorded delivery and am claiming £1852 for 2 years charges. Sorry didn't realise there was a specific place to post I look after my 10 month old twins all day so my brain has gone to mush a bit lol
  12. Sent my prelim letter and got no response from HSBC. Sent LBA today but now I'm scared it'll go to court. It seemed like a great idea at the time now I fear I may be losing my bottle!!!
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