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  1. Hi dx, Thanks for trying to help, I don't have a camera phone or camera where I stay during the week unfortunately but I will check the paperwork and post the info you have asked for. I know the judgment amount included the fees etc, so there was no separation of interest and the original loan debt in the judgment amount. I will check the exact wording though and I will post up as soon as I can, thanks again!
  2. Hi, I will upload the CCJ etc, but can't do it until I have access to my other computer at the weekend. In the meantime, the CCJ does state the total amount including interest and charges, including court charges, etc. The total was just over £15k, for an £8.5k loan But it is included on the CCJ. The SAR response does include a statement of account, and it does look like they have taken the original 5 payments off in the beginning. But what I don't understand is the running balance of the loan now looks like about £3.5k - where do they account for the addi
  3. Hi All, I took out a loan with HFC bank in desparation at a low point in 2007, and realised very shortly after (5 payments later, to be exact), that I couldn't afford to pay it! I was sure at the time that I had misunderstood the agreement I was entering into, as I wanted to consolidate my existing CC payments and the new HFC payment was significantly more than this - I put this down to my confusion at the time, on reflection I think their tactics were shoddy to day the least but you live and learn!! I buried my head in the sand for quite some time and eventually HFC took me
  4. Thanks Satterthwaite, have taken some faith that I may not be completely broken!!!
  5. Diddy-they have made a charging order for c 14k, original debt was 8k. The house was valued at c140k for mortgage purposes in 2008, but obv now worth less, I would say 130 based on sales in the area recently. Loans secured are just the mortgage, 109k now and this charge. He occupies the house with our daughter and his two older children. He owned the house before we were together, and as he is ten years older than me and has less prospects, hate him as I do, I don't want to see him homeless. So I know I am legally entitled to half the equity should the house be sold, I don't want it, just
  6. Hi, Thanks for your comments, I'll try and answer! Dx-sorry, I just didn't know what your abbreviations meant, cca I thought would be the consumer credit act but still not sure what you mean by oc! Not meaning to be stupid! Yes, I have a copy of both the charging order and ccj. Diddy
  7. Hi, Thanks for reading my post - I'm not sure what you mean by your question though?
  8. Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help me with an issue I had with Beneficial Finance (HFC) and their solicitors, Restons. 2 years ago I split up with my then partner. We have a daughter and we lived together in a house that was his when we met but that was owned by myself and him as tenants in common due to a subsequent re-mortgage of the property where my name needed to be added to be able to get the mortgage. When we split up, I moved out to live back with my mum, but continued to pay the mortgage in full in repayment for a debt we agreed I would repay for 24 months.
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