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  1. It would then show straight away rather than 13 months later. They are fragile objects, its happened to laptops before, it will happen to laptops again. Cheap and cheerful laptops often meet this kind of end.
  2. I have little knowledge except common sense, something lacking on this forum. I feel sorry for the people that have had things go wrong I really do, but useless, absolutely useless threats about e-mailing John Browett are funny, he left early LAST YEAR. Hope it all gets sorted but really, if the guy wants advice, get a contract phone. You rely on your phone so much after all.
  3. Your the daughter, you press the lid of the laptop too hard or put something heavy on it, do you tell the truth and risk getting in trouble with your parents or lie and blame the computer? Having been on this earth for 35+ years, things just don't get damaged without reason. Technical faults yes, a cracked screen IS NOT A TECHNICAL FAULT.
  4. because it makes humorous reading. People going to sue for this that and everything that goes wrong. Of all the good things Dixons do that doesn't get press, its the minority that bad things happen too.
  5. Its an error. You never made a mistake? You rely on technology so much in your phone, it "destroyed" who by? As for the interest thing, don't be ridiculous. its in holding waiting to clear between bank accounts. people make such a fuss over nothing its ridiculous.
  6. Cracked screens don't just happen on their own. they won't repair unless you are very lucky.
  7. if your comparing 2 products, they will never be seen as "equivalent". If the fan or a key or a button is in a different place, they will not be seen as equivalent.
  8. office should not have been installed when you purchased it - its a separate licence which is around 100 quid normally for word etc so 40 quid aint bad! from my understanding they should repair within a reasonable time usually 28 days i thought anybody that knows better please post good luck anyways!!
  9. yea amazon are brilliant. not. ever had something not turn up? had to e mail them 3 times and phone them twice looking for a refund? i have. so dont spout that rubbish. all companies have their flaws.
  10. plus under soga a tv is a luxury item if it was as fridge or washer id see your point on compensation plus they have to sort it fast
  11. your right, it is a joke, and it should be replaced and with a token gesture - but 100 a day? be real. don't be so ridiculous. it was your choice to take the 2nd day off work and you yourself said a tv is more important than money. ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous. it just shows the state of this country that people cant cope without a tv.
  12. same problem with mine a few months ago, 3 yr old tv same problem, rung round some places got quoted 80-100 quid couldnt be bothered with samsung or currys, didnt fancy paying 100 quid so did some research, took the board out the tv and 3 bulging capacitors, 2.20 at maplin and 5 minutes of soldering later and it was fixed. good as new.
  13. i cannot beleive iv just read all that and its quite clearly a shaver plug that fits in a shaver plug in a bathroom. idiot.
  14. they have suggested that this TV as a replacement and have given you enough in a voucher to buy that TV wether it be 2499 or 1299, if currys had it as 1299 you would have been given a voucher for 1299 and thats it. the vouchers are issued based on their pricing to replace your TV and thats it.
  15. so the customer has to always be right? and then there would be businesses making no money and thus no where to buy from but the internet. everybody has rights but its the mis leading of rights on forums like these that cause people to raise their expectations and then when they got to store and told in reality that it could be a 3 week repair they kick off. admitedly the service in these places aint great at times but then there are many many many more times when its fantastic but of course that doesn't get publicised does it.
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