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  1. Totally agree they are meant to work together, but there they seemed to have worked against my friend to basically do him over. His perfomance in Ebay is excellent. All his ratings in there system are of High Standard and the Policy Compliance is also High. (all 4.5 stars in the ratings indexes). So Ebay have no reason to do the ban, and to substantiate this, they never reported his standard falling low (as it never did). When he spoke to them today they said they purely suspended his account, because Paypal has done so (which Paypal has done without any reason, and when asked they outr
  2. My friend has an ebay account with excellent feedback and very resepectable sales figures per month. Recently a buyer bought a PC graphics card and subsequently tried to deny reciept. When prooved via the courier company it was delivered, they changed there story to saying it is not as described. When again this was disproved (have serial number and invoice of item), they ran of to there bank and tried to claim there card has been used fraudulently. Paypal started to investigate this, which basically resulted in my friend being given the third degree, by his accoutn being put on limitation
  3. Hi I sold a Graphics Card about a month ago or more, and as it turned out it was a slightly older model (same internals but different external design and fan housing). Buyer was insistent they wanted the new look one. So I asked them to provide the EAN and SN from the box before I issued a returns (so I could concretely establish exatly which wrong variation has been sent out). They didnt reply and instead raised a case with Amazon. Amazon automatically went ahead and refunded them. Now It has been two weeks since the redund and I dont have the money or the card. I co
  4. Your so right, and in fact when I spoke to Ebay CS about resolving difficult cusomter issues. They would turn round and say to me "well if you were the buyer and purchasing online what would you expect from the seller". And also insisting that I provide complete and comprehensive support for my sales, just liek an online store. But the fact is your not! And make matters worse when I raised these issues on the forums, I always got jumped on sellers trying to tell me I deserve it because I am not a business and why should Ebay take me seriously. Even had some say I have to comply withbusiness
  5. Hi there =) Thank you for the reply. Its interesting to see how they even manage to muck things up like that. Its a good thing you are a good honest buyer. I am sure many would have taken the money, leaving the poor seller none the wiser to worse still unable to get Ebay to listen. I realised too laye that my problem is I have been selling high value goods, which also carry a fair risk of users tampering/corrupting or simply mis understanding how to use them. I foolishly/niavley thought Ebay would treat cases with due concern and attention. Little did I realise they side with the b
  6. I have been a memebr on Ebay and Paypal for years and have been buying and selling fine with good praise. Recently I had a few buyers being difficult, one even trying to extort thigns out of me or threatening to get a refund. Now my seller rights have been withdrawn due to the DSR system, and naturally I was shocked. As I was actually the one being bullied here and suffering lost time, returned damaged goods expenses as well as money being held by Paypal whenever one of these buyers decided to open a case. A lady in Top Customer Support (hmm) explained it is because 4 low scores o
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