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  1. I don't know if this can be read or accepted by CAG! my last attempt was not! but just to say that i have yet another reply from Arrow, admiting they still cannot supply a copy of the documentation from the original creditor!! seems to me they are losing their bite! It is very tempting to state to them that if they cannot prove they have documentation i refuse to accept thier word that i must pay them! ( after all the threats harrasment etc.) any thoughts much appreciated they are still phoning of course! regards Ro
  2. Hello dx. Happy new year to you and to all reading this,-Sorry for delay, (health problems again) The reply as follows from arrows = date 15-12-2014. Thankyou for your letter, passed for our attention as the assignees of the above account, we acknowledge your request for documentation pursuant to the consumer credit act 1974. We will now process your request for documentation from the originating creditor (i thought they should have already done this!) and will revert in due course, All collection activity will be suspended pending provision o
  3. Sorry, a couple of things dx! the letter i had is from Arrow solicitors, wilkin chapman, had no account on! which i thought it should have? it had only their reference no! should i send to them or direct to AG? Ro
  4. Many thanks dx for your help, i will do as you suiggest and update as soon as i know anything. Regards Ro
  5. sorry dx, just to clarify, Yes it definitely states--arrow global ltd. ( LENDER) above my name! we continued to pay monthly payments to original creditor mbna, (originally virgin.) and ignored Arden, moorcroft, Arrow, etc.etc. mbna is not mentioned on the page, however it is mbna that we have continued to pay ever since. we made no agreement with anyone but MBNA regards ro
  6. Thanks for reply, On the top copy, it reads my name, address, birth date, credit card, card no. xxxx xxxx account start 2006, opening balance amount= £12,898, payment frequency,= monthly. date of default = 30/09/2011, default balance £12, 898! regards ro.
  7. Thankyou dx, i have actually got credit report! A lot of ok's, also a lot of df,s. but only to arrow! it appears arrow global ltd, took over the credit card from MBNA ! could you tell me if there is anything i can do next please. i don't want to be forced to sell the house, also i still have PPI claims to sort out! (which has caused many of the problems! i have now) regards ro
  8. So sorry for not updating thread,! i had to beg and borrow to get another PC! To bring this up to date, my health has gone futher downhill. However this matter was apparently passed on to Arrow Global in Guernsey, who have now got Wilkin chapman solicitors to write to me stating a large amount! has been assigned to britanica recoveries! but also states our client would like to work with me to agree an affordable repayment plan to avoid the issue of legal proceedings! We have been paying the original company MBNA. on a regular
  9. My son has been renting a 2 bed house for 18 months, Told by La, at start, that he can do whetever he likes in Garden decor etc, Now he has been given 2 months to vacate by Jan30th! 2014, =2 months notice! (He has wife and baby) unfortunately he had a work accident and has a broken foot! This means he will have to apply for Housing Benifit! He cannot yet find anywhere else to go, My question is, Can the landlord specify a date? or is it a fact that Land lord cannot force them out, (at such short notice) if they have nowhere to go? (as yet)Any advice much appreciated, Ro
  10. Could someone clarify what these sentences on statements, actually mean please, bit confused! These relate to credit card agreements, one with Abbey, in 07, but i believe should be sent to mbna?The otherAbbey national 03, should also be sent to mbna? Please correct me if i am wrong! what is=Special cash interest?
  11. Hi citizenB, May i ask if any banks have contacted you as yet? mine have not! Regards Ro
  12. Mike, Am having probs with BG, CAN I SEND A COPY OF MY REPLY TO YOU PLEASE, i would like an opnion?if this is allowed! Ro
  13. Thankyou for your time Becky, Purple Sue, Miraculous i know! but he has actually found his P45, and on his own!Regards Ro
  14. My son 35, Has been on benifits for sometime,Not his choice! he has finnaly been able to get a job,and started work today, He has reported this and stopped benifits, However he does not have a P45, Without a P45 he cannot be paid at the end of the week! Can anyone tell me how to obtain a P45 urgently please. Regards Ro
  15. AOL headlines, The City watchdog has confirmed it is in talks with banks about potentially imposing a cut-off point for people to complain about payment protection insurance (PPI) mis-selling.The Financial Services Authority (FSA) said it had been approached by the British Bankers' Association (BBA) to discuss the potential for a time limit in return for the banking industry funding widespread advertising to raise awareness and ensure people know how to complain. Reports have suggested the deadline could be as early as May 2014 but a spokeswoman for the FSA said that no time limits have b
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