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    Yes after i CCA'd my very account and after sending two letters costing 72pence i have now cleared a balance of £1457.88


    They had no cca so they have decided they will not be chasing me for the amount i owe


    Who said that creditors not having cca's dont matter any more


    Well hope i just proved you wrong!!!1


    Happy days and once again than you Tingy for doing such a great job for me!!!



  2. Hi angel of mercy i am in a similar position although they have reduced my intrest to 1% but this still effects me as i am paying off a fraction on my balance and they will make loads off me still on interest alone... I have to say HALIFAX are the worst creditor i have and they just do not want to help you and their staff dunt give a dam. I used as i always do my free solicotor in Tingy, He has given me some great advice and letters, But the advice you get on here is amazing...


    My question is though are u actually paying off anything of your balance because it reads like you are just paying interest??

  3. Hey cheers Tingy, Yeah great advice as always, going to get some new hobbies and start mingling more i think,


    I have just 1 hour of reflecting and updated my folders and set myself some short term goals to get myself going again!!!


    I know i will get there, Just need to be patient and within 3 years be debt free!!!


    Good to see you are back on top form!!!

  4. Well my loan is with the halifax, So no they havent been humans until i teamed up with Tingy and kicked up a stink and they refunded all my charged over 1k, But i am awaiting my next move bit like chess really, I want to pay them off but then i dont want to bust a gut if they are going to take me to court etc etc,


    But yeah have a think about doing your own DMP, it isnt that hard once you get over the fact that it is what it is, Get yourself a folder, Get yourself a printer and then have your days where u get down to business get lettes sent off etc but also learn to switch off from it, thinking about it every day like i did got me nowhere and i become unpleasent to be around, But now i only look at my mail once a week, and spend a few hours once a week just filing and doing any letters i need to send out


    Like Tingy said anything you need Post on here or if you prefer Inbox us



  5. I totally echo everything Tingy has said to you on this thread and i have to say his ADVICE is sound and very helpful in every case, The only thing i would add is that it might be worth using the cccs just to guide you through everything and to get the ball in motion and give you the options, You will chat to a fully trained consultant for a good half an hour, for me that half hour was priceless as it took a weight of my shoulders, And then once erverything has been sorted maybe after say 3 months take the DMP into you hands then and control it for yourselfs, But whatver you choose you have made a major step coming onto this site and asking for help, I wish i found this site earlier!!!!


    All the best



  6. sionnach67 Hi their i started a DMP at about the same time as you did in November, A few things that i found when i did with the cccs, They were great at reassuring me to calm down and take one step at a time, They did all the intial letters and communication, But what i found myself doing was the leg work myself chasing the creditors up to ensure they stopped or lowered the intrest, Agreeing payment dates and agreeing amounts failry using the free budget planner. But after 3 or 4 months i took my own debt in my own hands and manage it myself and every creditor has helped me, they didnt straight away but i nagged them, i sent them letters and had very good people help me with it from this site.


    Dont be too hasty in dismissing the idea of running your own DMP, look into it and ask as many questions as you like, Remember that the CCCS was great for me when i first needed them but after that i found it easy to do it myself!!


    Quick question you said your loan company took you to court, Why was that? and how long did it take them to take you to court, The reason i ask because i got an issue with my loan company and only pay them a £1 a month atm, If you dont want to answer no worries


    All the best



  7. Well Well Well.....


    The halifax customer relations manager just rang me and has apoligised for not dealing my harship problems in october.. Well i have just had 1k in charges refunded and my bank account that they put into overdraft put back to £100 rather than £371..


    Tingy i must say your letter did the trick, Letter sent on Thursday phone call today!!! Without you i would be a lost sole lol



  8. Rumple1 you have defientely come to the right site, this site is very quiete on the weekends, so dont get too worried about people not helping, There are about 4 or 5 people who are really good and know their stuff and no doubt they will be on here as soon as they can to give you so great advice and some great starting points



  9. No it wont matter you can only pay them what you can comfortably afford, Ring the CCCS and they will go through everything with you mate. The biggest thing is admitting which you have done, the next big step is getting in contact with them, tell them everything dont leave anything out and as soon as you speak to them i can GURANTEE you will feel a weight lifted, then go and have a cold beer!!


    Then get yourself organised, with a folder and labels etc, If you like read my thread which i started when i first come to this site, it goes through the start, the slight problems and all the advice i was given by the experts on here that have done and seen it all!!


    If you need anything i come on this site every day so feel free to inbox me



  10. Want to just say how lucky you are that you have found this site so quickly, by the time you have payed your debts off you will never forget the help you get from this site,


    Gambling is a nasty habbit and i did go through a spell at one point when i was about 21 and thankfully i managed to get out of that dangerous game,


    All the best mate



  11. What a life unfortunately this is what it looks like i will have to do, it is the only thing that i will be able to doas the halifax just do not want to know me now that i cannot afford to pay them the full amount each month, i offered them £115 should pay £224, thought it was reseanable but i was wrong, but the best part of it now is that i only pay them £1 so they are worse off, and they are going to sell it on and get peanuts... Makes no sense, But hey i feel a thick, large heavy folder being produced over the next 12 months


    Wish me luck on my journey


    Tingy i will be onto that website now....Hope all is well

  12. Hi, i have to wear shirt and tie that i have to pay for myself as i am a retail manager, i do not where shirt and ties outside of work these are specific for work, I also have to wear the company trousers!!




  13. With regards to MBNA sending you defaults every month, these are not defaults this is just a summary of how much u should have paid, how much you actually paid, how much your arrears are. It is either a legal piece they have to supply or it is a policy they have. I did not recieve a default because i decieded to pay a full and final, but tbh a full and final is just as bad as a default as it effects my file for 6 years, I am not bovered about my credit file but i just wanted the debt removed!

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