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  1. Hi SRPO I have spoken to many colleagues at work and none of them know whether they can travel for free or not. Some people in Reading say they can use FGW buses for free but don't use the train as they have no need. It is not clear but I have reported the incident soIi am waiting for things to be clarified to everyone and probably a rollicking!!
  2. No, I won't drop people in it, not in my nature but the chap who took my details and was rude to me was there although I didn't appraoch him. I'll not disclose any names but just flag up the message that there is no continuity. I agree I should've also checked before but I guess when someone tells you something sometimes you take it for granted that they are giving the correct advice. I'll never take that sort of advice again without checking!! I also agree that they do probably know the exact policy but are trying to assist individuals by allowing them to travel for free. Unfortunately I feel unless they all take the same route and they either all let you travel or all do not then there is no continuity, as if I was stopped at the barrier before I could embark on my return I would have had to purchased a ticket to get on the train, unfortunately those trying to be good to me, landed me in it, I don't blame them as they were trying to do a good deed. Unfortunately, the chap who took my details wasn't happy, although I still say that if I was a police officer he would have let me travel whether I was from the Met, BTP or any other force. As his colleague who gave me the advice said, he was probably in a bad mood, maybe at having to deal with others who maybe gave him abuse or were rude to him that day. Who know's why. I'll update again when my investigations are carriedout this week, same route but I;ll question different staff. I'll also report back when FGW customer services reply to me so I can let everyone know what they say. Thanks again for your views and taking the time to reply. Kind regards
  3. Hi I posted here a few weeks ago when I was asked to produce a ticket I didn't have due to being told that Police Employees could travel free.. Anyway, I travelled again last week with FGW, same starting point etc. Well, at my starting station there were the (dreaded!) RPI employees. So, I see them checking all and sundry and taking names and writing in books with yellow pages and asking people to sign them etc. I buy my ticket with a rail warrant and go to my platform. As I am an investigator I decide to ask a few questions about free travel etc. 1). Can Police employees travel free? a). 1st officer - Let's see your ID - I'd let you travel, 2nd - yep, 3rd - I would, 4th - yes, but the leter of the law states .... 2). I was told I could travel a few weeks ago and I got stopped. What do you trhink? A). No way, who stopped you? did you explain to them what you were told? Who was it? 3). I have been told my defence is I was given permisson to travel without a ticket. A). yes, quite correct but only these police forces have free travel ........you do have a defence though. I agree with what they say and then make note of all of their names along with a statement I write on the train. At my destination I go through the barriers using my ticket but ask a chap on the barrier if I need a ticket to travel being a police employee, I show my ID, he says yep, no problems and opens the barrier. I tell him I will be back later. When I get back (I have a ticket) I ask a different barrier guard if I can travel and show my police staff ID card. He opens the barrier with no questions! I tell him I have a ticket and use this to go through the barriers. I note their names on their badges, no surnames but they are always there. It is interesting to note that it seems that FGW employees don't actually know what their policies are and this is causing 'issues' for law abiding travellers as well as embarassment. I have emailed FGW customer services with this information but I'll ask different TOC employees when I travel again at the end of this week. It will be interesting to see how long my concerns and recommendations take to filter through if at all. I'll keep testing them and reporting these findings to the TOC. I would like to thank all for their advice I received. Kind regards
  4. Thank you all again for taking the time to respond to me. I'll certainly write to them and when I receive any correspondence from them I'll also enclose a cheque payment and request a receipt. Thank you. Kind regards
  5. Hello again, Hi thelife, no offence was taken I appreciated you comments, thank you. OldcodJA, Thank you again for your advice. I'll draft a letter and send a copy of teh signed letter I have. I am sure that they will see whre teh confucion lies. I'll also offer to pay the fare of £14,90 I beleive it should be as I accept no one should eb travelling fro free as these companies are profit driven, I have no problems in paying for transport and services. I take it I write to FGW customer services or do I get the address of the Prosecutions unit? Stigy, no, no caution was given and that's why I though the situation was really strange especially when i was not given further instructions or information an dteh RPI just walked off! Thank you all again. Kind regards
  6. Hi I would certainly prefer there to be no agreement that one which is not explained to FGW staff or one where differenr members do different things as I would hate another colleague from any force to have to go through this, it just isn't correct. Again, I really appreciate people taking the time to comment on this. Thank you
  7. Hi Again Thank you to all again. I just wanted to say that there was no caution, nothing, just a couple of questions/statememts and then left in limbo as I say, very perculiar and which made me worry (alot). How long should I wait for a letter? I don't want sleepless nights for ever/ is there a cut off date after the event to respond to defendants? If he hasn't reported me and just went through the motions I will never know and keep waiting for something to drop through the letterbox that is why I expected to be told what would happen next. Should I have been told what to expect, i.e You will be reported or you will hear from us? Also, if he was going to report me should I have been formally cautioned before being questioned? All very disturbing but from information I have greatly received with thanks the signed letter of today from the ticket office chap should suffice and will hopefully be accepted under the bylaw 18 defence. Thank you all again, your input is extremely valuable. Kind regards
  8. Hello POldCodJA an dthelife Thank you both for your replies. The chap at the train station knows me from when I have used my police forces travel warrants in the past. He may have also seen my ID as it was wrapped around my wallet when I took it from my overcaot pocket. I didn't ask the policy, he mentioned it while we were chatting and so I accepted it without question, something I'll never do again!. I honestly also think that if I had been a police officer the RPI chap who wouldn't accept my Police Staff ID would have let me on my way which tells me he doesn't know FGW actual policy either. It is certain that 4 people that day thought there was a policy (an RPI on the outward journey, 2 barrier guards and the initial ticket office chap). It's crazy as the ID card I showed clearly states Police STAFF not Police OFFICER. You are again exactly right that no civillians get free travel and no one including officers in my force have an agreement with FGW or any other rail carrier for that matter. I know there are agreements with some bus companies but I can't name them. So the advice to me that my forces employees receive free travel is very wrong. I don't blame the chap he was onlt trying to help. I have the letter signed today stating that he gave me the advice he thought was correct and that he gave this advice in good faith. I'll never do this again, especially now that I know the exact policy. I'll either use a travel warrant as per my past or pay for a ticket and claim on my expenses. To answer your quetion thelife. I was dressed in a black overcoat witha grey suit as I was on my way to Crown Court. May I ask OldcodJA, should I have been warned, cautioned or even told what the future process was? Do you think my offer to pay was reasonable and why do you think it was refused? It was a really peculiar situation, very embarassing and I am still confused about it but reading your response and knowing that I have a signed letter in my briefcase has put my mind as ease somewhat. Thank you very much indeed. Kind regards
  9. Dear Grotesque Thank you for your post and support. Thanks for also explaining why the yellow signs are there. I'll await my letter but I hav edecided to fight this to the end! Everyone I tell, including teh ticket officer who gave me the initial advice cannot beleive what has gone on, especially as 2 different barrier gauards and another RPI all accepted the ID for the outward journey and part of the home journey. It is clear that the FGW staff do not know the policy exactly. Thanks again for yoru reply. I await teh giru's. Kind regards
  10. Hi Maxwell Thanks for your reply. I note all that you say. All I can say in this matter is that I did intend to pay but the information provided to me in good faith was taken and so no ticket was purchased. 3 FGW staff accepted my ID but the 4th didn't. It's very annoying but what can I do? I'll see what happens and report back for further advice if that is OK. I am still quite miffed with the RPI's attitude and unwillingness to allow me to pay him there and then. It is a clear case to me of misunderstanding and misinformtion of which i hope FGW will accept if not, i hope the Magistrates will accept it. Kind regards
  11. Thanks Honetbee. I also have my wife as a witness to what was said in case the chap wouldn't sign! I didn't want to bring her into it. I feel better now I have this letter. He is a very nice chap. I'll await to see what happens but I will be writing a letter of complaint about the ticket inspectors attitute and rudeness as there no need to be rude to people. I am still happy to pay the fare and a penalty charge. If I shouldn't travel for free then I am happy to pay. Still looking forward to advice from the guru's. Kind regards
  12. Hi again!! I just went to the train station and the ticket officer kindly signed a letter just stating that he gave me advice and was surprised when I returned that afternoon with my news. Also, he thought it was the companies policy. I also looked around the station office an da large yellow sign is there which states that if you do travel without a ticket you will face a penanlty fare notice. There si no small print stating that legal action will be taken. I have taken a photo of this sign of whch i am sure are located in each station. I am still interested to hear from the guru's on this site to see what they think but having the letter signed and seeing that sign has made me fell better with the situation. Best wishes to all.
  13. Thanks again for your posts. This had just added to my anxiety knowing that I will probably not be issued with a Penalty Fare Notice. I will now just have to sit back and wait until I receive a letter and then respond to it. RPI, you are 100% correct in saying that only Met Officers receive free travel as I have fiund this out. Unfortunately the Ticket Officer didn't know this specifically and this is why I am in this situation. I am going to see him to ask for him to sign a letter stating that he gave me information on that day in good faith. I did read about the bylaw 18?? where it states there are reasons why you can travel without a ticket and an authorised person can allow to travel. I hope he signs the letter as it will make me fell a lot better knowing I can use this as a defence rather than just intimating he said it without any firm evidence although my wife who was with me can also write a letter to confirm what was said. Is there any further advice anyone can provide me please? Should I seek legal advice from a solicitor? How long does it usually take for the prosecutions department to write etc? Kind regards
  14. Hi Another question if I may. I spoke to the customer services for FGW as mentioned an dthey said I would need to poay a penalty fare of £20. If this is iteh case, would it not have been easier for the ticket inspector to do this at the time? I did offer to pay there and then but he didn't want to know. I wrote a transcript of what was said very soon after the incident so it was fresh in my mind. Looking at teh FGW website I was in a fare penalty zone. It is usual to not be offered to pay here an dthen but to receive an invoice after the incident? Thanks again Kind regards
  15. Thank you for your first couple of replies. If the ticket officer hadn't had told me I could travel free I would have purchased a ticket. That is what is annoying as all I would do is make an expenses claim via my force, all very easy. I have established now that my police force have no policies with FGW to travel free even within our area so it seems like the advice I was given in good faith has backfired. I'll try to get a statement from the chap invloved who gave me the initial advice but it may render him in trouble with his managers and he may not want to do it. I will try though. I look forward to the gurus providing further advice as I cannot sleep, am shaking through worry and stress which is not like me at all. I may need to take time off of work because of this as all can do is think about the worst. Kind regards.
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